FleaVac Hose Sucks Fleas and Eggs Off Your Dog


With the rates of canine cancers and disease steadily increasing, more pet parents are becoming concerned with the products they use on their pets. If you prefer not to use chemicals to treat your dog for pest infestations, you should certainly check out the FleaVac.

The vacuum attachment is designed to work with most vacuum cleaners. You simply suck up the FleaVac Kill Pellets with your vacuum and then use the attachment hose to suck the fleas off your dog. The Kill Pellets are an all natural, safe, and environmentally responsible solution for treating fleas in your home. They kill 100% of the fleas that get sucked into the vacuum.

The FleaVac nozzle moves freely through a pet's fur without getting tangled and pulling your dog's fur. The nozzle suctions fleas and flea dirt off pets. In addition it is great at getting into hard to reach area where fleas like to hide, including corners, furniture seams, and pet beds.