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Flip Flop Dogs Offers Dog Owners an Alternative to Kenneling

Flip Flop Dogs Offers Dog Owners an Alternative to Kenneling
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Having to board their dog at a kennel can be stressful and upsetting to a dog lover. There are some really great facilities out there, but there are also a lot of horror stories from dog owners who left their dogs at sub-par facilities. A new franchise called Flip Flop Dogs is giving owners a new option for dog care while they are away.

Flip Flop is a franchised business that matches your dog with a trained dog lover to care for them when you can't. These Companion Families are carefully selected and have to undergo background checks, home inspections, and a rigorous interviewing process.

Companion Family caregivers cannot work outside the home and they never have more than one customer’s dog at a time. They may, however, have pets of their own.

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When you begin the boarding process as a first time customer, you will be paired with a caregiver that will come to your home to meet you, meet your dog, and learn all they can about your pet’s day-to-day activities and routine. Your dog will be paired with a Companion Family that matches their personality and activity level.

Flip Flop Dogs Offers Dog Owners an Alternative to Kenneling
Photo: Flip Flop Dogs

Flip Flop cares for dogs of any size, breed, and age. Whether you need someone to watch your energetic puppy or care for your senior dog with strict healthcare requirements, they’ll match you with the perfect caregiver. The unique service even includes door-to-door transportation for your pup.

The company offers this additional service because they’ve found that having your dog picked up eliminates the anxiety of being dropped off and feeling like they’ve been left behind. It also makes the owners feel better to see their dogs happy before they leave instead of watching a scared, sad face in the rearview mirror.

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Customers can receive photos and updates of their dog while they are away if they choose. Both the dog owner and Companion Family have access to Flip Flop's centralized call center 24 hours a day also. Companion Families will communicate with you by phone, picture message, text message, videos, email, virtually any way that is the easiest for you.

Flip Flop also has a specific plan in place in the event that your dog gets sick or needs emergency veterinary help while you are gone. This process is agreed upon contractually, so you will know exactly what will happen if an emergency arises.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Flip Flop franchise business, all the information you’ll need is on their website. As a franchisee you could certainly be a caregiver yourself, but you would also hire other Companion Families and match them with pet’s in your local area that need a place to stay while their family is away.

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