Home Dog News Frenchie’s Kitchen Introducing New Grain Free Dog Food at SuperZoo 2015

Frenchie’s Kitchen Introducing New Grain Free Dog Food at SuperZoo 2015

Frenchie's Kitchen Introducing New Grain Free Dog Food at SuperZoo 2015
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Sara Kuris-Morgan, founder of Frechie’s Kitchen, is pleased to be able to launch her new White Fish and Veggies Grain Free Entrée dog food in time for SuperZoo 2015. At the pet industry trade show she said that she has had an overwhelming response to her Frenchie’s Kitchen product line since the company started.

Kuris-Morgan began her company when she realized that whole food nutrition had numerous health benefits for humans and it must be equally as beneficial to canines. It started in 2007 when she started preparing prescription meals in her own kitchen for a holistic vet.

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Shortly after that she jumped into the pet industry on a broader scale, introducing a brand new category of dog food; gently cooked, frozen meals. The company’s first products were specifically created for small and medium breeds. Now the company formulates dog food for all dogs that is made with 100% human grade, whole food ingredients that are sourced in the United States and manufactured in a USDA Human Food Facility.

Whole food ingredients are real foods that are in their natural state, meaning no refinement or processing has been done to them. They include foods like whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. These foods have not had any minerals, vitamins, or other nutrients added to them or removed from them.

Frenchie's Kitchen Introducing New Grain Free Dog Food at SuperZoo 2015
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Frenchie’s Kitchen’s latest product is now the second gluten-free and grain-free product offered by the brand. It’s simple and clean ingredient list includes 100% USDA white fish, carrots, green beans, potatoes, celery, peas, broccoli, spinach, eggs, kale, eggshell calcium, organic flaxseed meal, and organic kelp powder. All the vitamins and minerals in the White Fish and Veggie Grain Free Entrée blend come from the ingredients themselves. There are no additives.

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Like all other Frenchie’s Kitchen products there is no corn, meat meal, processed grains, preservatives, sweeteners, or animal and poultry fat used in this dog food. Kuris-Morgan told visitors of the SuperZoo expo that she believes dog owners that feed their canines Frenchie’s Kitchen dog food will see healthier dogs and will make fewer visits to the vet over the dog’s lifetime as well.

Frenchie’s Kitchen is also committed to giving a portion of their proceeds to no-kill shelters and animal rescue organizations throughout the United States. The dog food can be ordered on the company’s website and they ship the meals every Monday and Tuesday to ensure delivery by Friday.

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