Plato Pet Treats Makes Healthy Products and Gives Back to Numerous Charities

Aaron Merrell learned quickly to appreciate higher quality pet products. After getting a new puppy he looked for nutritional products at local pet food stores that didn’t have added fillers, chemicals, or ingredients that were sourced from countries like China. He quickly came to realize the need for these quality products and he pours that passion into his job as CEO of Plato Pet products.

Dana Montgomery is the founder of the company and he says that when he looked at the pet food market he realized one thing: it was focused solely on marketing and profitability. Most companies had completely lost focus on the most important aspect of creating food for pets which, of course, is the quality of the product.

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Most dog food and treats were being made with ingredients that were by-products of the human food industry and there were not many companies that focused on the nutritional needs of the animals that were going to be eating these products. That’s why Plato Pet Foods was started in 2006. The company began with the idea of creating a dog treat that was heavily meat based and one that canines would really enjoy.

They only use responsibly-sourced, all-natural ingredients in their pet products. With the exception of some of the natural preservatives that they use, which are imported from Europe, all ingredients that are used in Plato Pet Treats products are sourced in the United States. Due to differences in quality-control protocols that have led to many pet illnesses recently, the company does not get any of its ingredients from China.

Plato Pet Treats Makes Healthy Products and Gives Back to Numerous Charities

Likewise, in order to be sure that all their dog products are made to their top-quality standards, all of the company’s treats are made in the United States. In fact, they are all made in the Plato Pet Treats facility in central California. This is ideal because many of their ingredients come from the west coast.

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This facility has a full quality assurance laboratory where staff scientists and technicians test the treats daily to make sure they meet strict quality standards. Additionally, all of their dog treats are single-source proteins meaning that they do not mix different types of meat. This makes them great for dogs with allergies, especially dogs that have been put on a single-source protein diet by their veterinarian.

The founders of this company chose the name Plato after the philosopher Plato, who was a thinker to say the least. They wanted to name their company after him because they believe their treats are made for pet owners who truly think about the safety and health of their companion animals.

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