Furbo Allows You To See Your Dog While You're At Work
Photo: Furbo.com

It's difficult for us dedicated pet parents to leave our beloved fur babies all alone each day when we're at work. Our pups not only miss us, but some dogs can suffer from separation anxiety, or become destructive out of boredom. If this describes you and your canine companion, you are going to be so excited about this new innovative interactive camera – you may even jump for joy.

Meet Furbo – the dog treat camera that all pet owners love.

Furbo Allows You To See Your Dog While You're At Work
Photo: Furbo

Furbo is a so-called pet camera, as well as a dog treat dispenser, training device and “Nanny” cam all rolled into one sleek and functional design.

This device works in tandem with your smartphone. It not only offers live streaming HD video, but also includes two-way audio so you can hear your dog and vice versa.

Take a look at our Furbo doggy camera review for more details and how it works.

Why pet owners love Furbo

The 4X zoom will provide you with an even closer peek into the goings-on when you're away. Are you gone a lot in the evening?

Furbo Allows You To See Your Dog While You're At Work
Photo: Furbo

Furbo has night vision for those times, too. Plus, you can capture all those naughty or precise moments on still images or video to share with your friends on social media or to just keep for yourself in it's self-storage.

In addition to all that fun stuff, you can even “pop” your pup his favorite treat. This is perfect for rewarding him for good behavior or just because you care.

Even though the Furbo's sleek design will fit into any decor, the designers made sure it is still dog-centric by adding in features that play to their natural senses.

These include an audible clicking sound that gets your dog's attention (similar to a training clicker) and also a cool blue hue that stimulates their optical receptors.

This device is going to be taking the market by storm (I want one) as it is reasonably priced compared to other interactive cameras (selling for just $139 or two for $249). With a Furbo in your home your dog is going to feel like you're still there. This is perfect for dogs that get bored and lonely very quickly.

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Furbo Allows You To See Your Dog While You're At Work
Photo: Furbo

Another feature I find extremely smart and useful is the Furbo will alert you when your dog is barking.

How many times have your neighbors complained because Fido is making a ruckus?

This behavior can now be curbed when it happens by simply engaging your dog with the Furbo and even giving him a dog treat, and it's been rated as one of the best dog cameras for monitoring your pets.

Personally, I think this bark alert feature is going to be more than just a “calm-the-pup-down” tool. Dogs bark when someone is at the door or if there's a person trying to break in.

We don't want to think about this happening, but with Furbo you are going to have a clear view of what is going on and can call the police to go to your residence. Push that record button and you have video evidence or pics of the perpetrator. With all these uses Furbo is a must-have for all us pet parents!

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