Caring for a dog can be a rewarding experience, but adopting a second dog when you're already caring for one is something pet owners often hesitate to do.

Are there any good arguments for the question, “Should I get a second dog”?

Statistically, the majority of people only care for one dog at a time, and many refuse to consider adopting a second dog.

Cat owners, for example, are much more likely to adopt a second cat, and it’s evident by the fact that there are more pet cats in the U.S. but more households with dogs instead of cats.

It's likely because dogs are not as low maintenance as cats are, are require more time, money and effort on the owner's part.

Yet, on a per-person count, more people still adopt dogs than cats because of all the benefits they bring into our lives.

So if you're thinking about getting a second dog and are unsure whether it's a good idea, here are 16 reasons that will maybe convince you otherwise.

Getting a Second Dog: 16 Good Reasons On Why You Should

Should I get a second dog- 16 reasons why you should

1. It’s more than twice the fun

Getting a second dog doesn’t just double the fun of owning a dog – it allows for more playtime, new and different varied games and experiences for you, as well as your both dogs.

This is especially true if your first dog is still just a young puppy, which is the best time to introduce a new friend.

Pets get along best if they’ve been together since an early age, and they're likely to figure out their life together quicker.

2. Different things for the three of you

A second dog will add a great deal of diversity to your home, especially if it's of different breed.

Getting a second dog doesn’t mean that it needs to be the same as your previous pup – it can be of a toy breed that will be your lap pal, or it can be a medium size breed that will challenge your athleticism running together in the park.

3. Another friend for your kids

There are plenty of benefits for kids growing up with dogs.

And if you have more than one child at home, one dog might not be enough for them and the pup can get overwhelmed.

A second dog will balance it out.

4. A friend for your current pet

A friend for your current petConsider your current pooch's situation because a second dog is not only more fun for you but for your first dog as well.

You won't be the only one to spend time with a newly adopted pet, and this may even allow you to have more time for yourself.

For best results, adopt a female dog if you already have a male dog and vice versa.

Dog-to-dog aggression is a common problem for households with multiple dogs and it’s most common between dogs of the same sex.

Canine behavioral experts agree that have two dogs of opposite sexes is a great way to balance their personalities.

5. Company for your first dog

If you’re away from home throughout most of the day, your dog is likely bored out of his mind or is going through serious cases of separation anxiety.

A second dog can easily help with that.

6. It can prevent destructive behavior

Speaking of separation anxiety, many dog breeds tend to become destructive when bored or away from their owners, but a second dog can prevent that.

On the other hand, two destructive dogs are worse than just one, so proper training is still required.

7. Less excessive barking

Dogs often bark because they're bored and alone.

Thus, similar to destructive behavior and separation anxiety, if your dog is having fun with his pal, the mailman outside will be less interesting to bark at.

8. Help with socializing

Help with socializing both dogsSocialization is a huge problem for most dog owners because non-socialized dogs can be a pain to deal with.

The process of socialization itself can also be difficult when it's forced.

However, a second dog will make the socialization process natural if you make a proper introduction.

Or maybe your first dog is already very social and needs extra interaction.

Getting a social and friendly dog is great, but only if you can meet its needs for socialization.

A second dog can help with that.

9. Comfort for a grieving pet

As with people, one of the best cures for mourning and sorrow is having a new friend.

So if your dog is currently mourning the loss of a previous companion, a second dog can become a source of comfort and new companionship.

10. You can help more animals in need

A lot of pet owners are driven because of their desire to help and care for animals.

If you are such a person and you can care for another dog – you have the time and money to spare on adopting or rescuing a second dog – that’s often all the reason you need.

11. Easier transition after old friend passes

Most people are likely to adopt a new dog after having just lost their old loyal friend but the transition process can be painful.

However, if you’ve already adopted a second pup a couple of years before the passing of your old dog, the transition will be much smoother.

12. Adult dog's presence for a puppy

Adult dogs presence for a puppyRemember that getting a second dog doesn’t mean it can’t be an adult dog or even senior canine.

Senior pre-loved dogs are amazing to adopt for many reasons, and if your first dog is still a young puppy, he or she can use an adult dog’s presence (as can you).

Moreover, it will help with training a puppy and misbehaving pets.

We know that dogs learn very easily through example, and an older well-trained canine can set a great example for your current young pup.

13. Extra “dog power”

A guard dog is useful for many purposes and many people adopt canines for this purpose.

Having two guard dogs instead of just one is better for the dogs themselves and for your guard or protection needs.

Your pet doubles as a guard or work dog, and you can use the extra “dog power”.

14. Best choice when other pets won't work

If you want more pets at home but your first dog is a hound breed that doesn’t mesh well with cats or other small pets because of the hunting instinct, a second dog is usually a good choice as a companion for this specific breed.

15. Fill your home

Fill your home with dogsHaving a big but semi-empty home is a huge problem for one’s psyche, easily cured by getting a second pet.

So if you have a lot of free and empty space in your household and can use the presence of another four-legged family member, that's your reason for adopting a second dog.

16. You simply love dogs

One’s love for dogs is often all the reason you need for getting a second dog, so if you love canines and can’t help but want more of them in your life, go and rescue another pooch if you know you have the time and money to care for the animal.

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12 Reasons Why Getting a Second Dog Is a Good Idea

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