Home Dog News The Global Pet Product of 2016 Probably Isn’t What You Think

The Global Pet Product of 2016 Probably Isn’t What You Think

The Global Pet Product of 2016 Probably Isn't What You Think

Chewing up the competition is just what Paragon Pet Products did in this year's Global Pet Expo, taking home the coveted and prestigious Product Showcase Award. Their product, WHIMZEES Variety Value Boxes, were chosen over 1,000 other entrants.

These 100% all-natural, vegetarian-based dental chews are sourced and produced in Holland, where the company is striving to not only make an outstanding product, but is taking serious steps to sustain our environment. The products are made from potato, which is gluten-free, and other natural ingredients for sources of vitamins, minerals, and of course, taste.

The Global Pet Product of 2016 Probably Isn't What You Think

The “WHIMsical” design of these chews (which are all included in the Value Boxes) are of Hedgehogs, Alligators, Stiks and Toothbrushes. They are available in small, medium and large. The shapes and figures of these healthy chews are not just cutesy, they are specifically designed with your pet's health in mind.

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The hollow areas allow your dog to grip and chew the treat more easily. The grooves promote teeth cleaning by breaking into smaller pieces to brush away the plaque buildup, and the knobby-shapes foster proper blood flow through the gums and help to promote fresh breath.

In addition, these tasty dental chews come in three all-natural flavors, which is indicated by their color – green contains alfalfa, orange from the annatto fruit, brown sourced from malt extract and white contains calcium.

Pet parents are raving about these fun and healthy dental and gum chews which are available from many big box pet retailers and some independent retailers as well. With the health of our pets becoming more important for those dedicated pet parents, companies like WHIMZEES are going to have a bigger impact on the market.

The Global Pet Product of 2016 Probably Isn't What You Think

Dog owners are getting frustrated with the recall of pet products and the danger these unsafe products pose for all of our canine companions. That's why it's important to have a company that is striving to achieve a higher standard of product, as well as one that is willing to have accountability to their loyal customers.

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This in part is why WHIMZEES has taken home this award. Not only for recognition of a quality pet product, but for the countless hours of research and development that went into each of their dental chews.

 Lion Houkes, Global Marketing Director for Paragon Pet Products, was there to accept the award at the largest trade show for pet products in North America. He was grateful for the recognition of their quality product and assured those in attendance and the media that WHIMZEES will continue to pursue excellence and will have an unwavering commitment to pet health and fun.

In addition to an outstanding dog chew, Paragon Pet Products has also partnered with Velcro to incorporate the PRESS-LOK closure on all their bagged products. This innovative technique provides an easy and effective method of sealing the treat bags, which results in a fresher and longer-lasting dental chew for our dogs.

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