GoPet Treadwheels are Excellent for Indoor Canine Exercise


Treadmills for canines are becoming more popular, and now GoPet has taken them to the next level with their Treadwheel. It's almost like a giant hamster wheel for dogs. It is completely propelled by the dog, so there is no motor involved.

The Treadwheel is equipped with a cushioned, durable matted running surface to protect the pads of your pups feet. Your dog controls the speed of this exercise wheel so you don't have to worry about it being too fast or too slow.

The Treadwheel comes in three sizes including Toy/Small, Small/Medium, and Medium/Some Large. The max weight for each wheel is 25 pounds, 80 pounds, and 150 pounds respectively. The wheels are open in front, allowing your dog access to it whenever they want to get some exercise.