Review: Greenbene Pet Grooming Vacuum

Brushing your dog is a necessary part of pet ownership. Unless you have a hairless dog, he will shed to some extent. The Greenbene Pet Grooming Vacuum is designed to help pet owners brush their pet easily without the mess.

We have three dogs, and they all have different coat types. We have a Labrador who sheds excessively, a Beagle mix who is moderate shedder and a mixed breed who is a mild shedder.

The Greenbene pet grooming vacuum has been a lifesaver when it comes to grooming our dogs. I usually have a big mess to clean up after a grooming session. I try to keep the hair in one area, but there is always plenty that flies around.

Greenbene Pet Grooming Vacuum Review

Greenbene Pet Grooming Vacuum

I have been doing product reviews in the pet industry for more than 15 years. I have tested new technology and innovative products that changed industry standards. I have tested toys, clothes, grooming products, and even pet waste disposal products.

It's not often that I get excited about a new product, but the Greenbene pet grooming vacuum has 100% changed the way that I brush my dogs and cats.

This product is exactly what you would expect from the name – a vacuum brush that removes the hair from your pet's coat and sucks it into a collection bin. It will definitely reduce the shed hair and dander around your home.

You can use it to suction hair and debris from your pet’s coat, clean hair from your floors and upholstery, or blow dry your pet.

As you can see in my video review above, it is very quiet when in operation. It doesn't bother my dogs at all. I am even able to use it on a few of our cats.

By introducing this vacuum to your pet gradually, you should eventually be able to get him used to it. It may take longer for some pets to get used to it than others.

Extremely timid pets may not ever allow you to vacuum them willingly, but most pets should come around with time.

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dog grooming vacuum

The dust cup can hold 14 cups of debris, which is more than most similar products. This is handy if you have a multi-pet home like mine.

There are three settings – low speed, high speed, and low speed with heat. You can see the 6 attachments in the photo at the top of this article.

The round brush removes hair from your floors and around your home. The combing brush removes hair from your pet’s coat, and the thinning brush removes fine hair from thick coats.

I love the slicker brush, which features a retractable cleaning mechanism to easily slide all of the collected hair off the teeth of the brush and into the suction tube. I also use the grooming brush a lot to remove hair while massaging my dogs.

Not only will you get a pet grooming vacuum, but Greenbene also includes a set of hair clippers with this product. They can be used alone or with suction to collect the hair as it falls.

It is easy to take this dog grooming vacuum around with you or move it around your home during grooming sessions. At just 7.9 pounds, it is incredibly lightweight.

You can buy this product on Amazon for $129.99. Most pet grooming vacuums are not as versatile as this option from Greenbene. However, this model is cheaper than many of its competitors.

If you have pets that require frequent brushing, I would certainly recommend the Greenbene pet grooming vacuum as a good value for the price.

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