Home Dog News Groomer Brings Posh Treatments to Pets in North Carolina

Groomer Brings Posh Treatments to Pets in North Carolina

Groomer Brings Posh Treatments to Pets in North Carolina
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Many dog owners take their pets to the groomers out of necessity to keep their coat clean and free of mats and tangles, yet some take them to be pampered and choose to pay for special fragrances and unique haircuts. One groomer in Red Springs, North Carolina is catering the latter group by offering posh treatments and spa-like pampering.

Amber Saladine, owner of The Posh Paws Pet Spa, started her business to fuel her two biggest passions; animals and art. Grooming allows her to be creative while working with animals, and that is what her pet spa is all about. It is the first, and currently the only, pet spa and salon in Red Springs.

Saladine began grooming in 2004 and is a member of the National Association of Professional Creative Groomers. The organization puts emphasis on salon safety and continuing education, two things that Saladine feels strongly about as well.

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She says that it is upsetting to her that the grooming industry is completely unregulated and that many salons that she has worked for in the past sacrificed safety and the comfort of the animals in order to groom dogs as quickly as possible. She knew she wanted to start a business that would have different values.

Groomer Brings Posh Treatments to Pets in North Carolina
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Not only does The Posh Paws Pet Spa offer typical grooming treatments for cats and dogs like haircuts, nail trims, baths, shave downs, brush outs, and de-shedding services, but they also offer luxurious spa services that include mud wraps, facials, salt and sugar scrubs, and hot oil treatments.

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Although some of the services sound fancy, they are actually very beneficial to the dog. They help reduce shedding, provide relief of their own allergens, and alleviate skin problems. Not to mention they will leave the animals looking their best and smelling amazing.

Saladine also tries to keep up with newer trends like the “Asian Fusion” hairstyle that is popular right now. It is a cut that is trending in Japan and Korea and makes pets resemble stuffed toys. They also offer creative services like glitter tattoos, pet-safe hair dye, nail polish, and rhinestone temporary airbrush tattoos.

At The Posh Paws Pet Spa owners can have their pet looking as stylish or as ordinary as they want. Whether they are looking for a quick wash and cut, or they want the newest styles available, Saladine and her staff will meet their needs. Services are by appointment only, but the scheduling is very flexible, even including evening and weekend appointments.

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