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Hardwoof Floors are Pleasing Dog Owners

Hardwoof Floors are Pleasing Dog Owners
Photo: Autumn Parry

Any pet owner who has spent the money on hard wood flooring just to see it scratched up by their dog’s toenails knows how frustrating it can be. That’s why one company has spent the last year-and-a-half researching and developing dog-resistant flooring. The product is finally ready to hit the national market.

Jason, Brubaker, co-owner and sales and marketing director of Nydree Flooring, says that the company feels that their potential in the market is unlimited because no other flooring manufacturers are offering a similar product. Like most other businesses, they are trying to grow exponentially right now, and they feel that Hardwoof flooring is the way to do that.

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In fact, Hardwoof is even in the process of being trademarked by the company right now. Currently, the most commonly suggested flooring for dog owners are bamboo, cork, and laminate flooring, which are all durable, but there is nothing available to pet owners that is 100% resistant to dog nails.

Nydree wants to make it possible for pet lovers to have quality flooring that will stand up to the wear and tear that dogs provide. Not only that, but the pet market has skyrocketed in the last few years, making it a very good industry for companies to become a part of.

Hardwoof Floors are Pleasing Dog Owners
Photo: Autumn Parry

The technology for Hardwoof has actually been around since the 1960’s. It is acrylic-impregnated, but the finish was specifically developed by Nydree which gives it the durability to withstand the terror of dog’s nails. The reported dent-resistance of the flooring is 8,000 pounds per square inch.

After the technology was developed, the company installed it in a 13-acre pet resort paradise for free in order to test its strength. Jeff Hoehn, general manager for the Pet Lodge Pet Resort said that over 5,000 dogs came across the floor during testing and there were no scratches, water marks, residue, or any other permanent signs of canine damage.

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So far the product has only been sold to commercial properties, but now the company is garnering affiliate flooring companies to offer Hardwoof to their residential customers, and those affiliates will get paid a commission. One key selling point is that, unlike other types of flooring, there is no formaldehyde in the Hardwoof flooring.

The company is hoping to expand quickly, considering their target market is dog lovers who are quickly growing in numbers. Right now the product can only be ordered through the company or their select retail affiliates, but they are hoping to grow their retail market in the near future.

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