Help Your Dog Onto a Dock or Into a Boat with doggydocks

If you enjoy spending time on the water with your canine companion, you've probably had to drag him up into a boat or onto a dock a few times. Pulling your dog up by his collar or by his legs can hurt him, but with doggydocks you won't have to do that anymore.

doggydocks is a floating ramp for dogs that allows them to get out of the water onto a boat platform, dock, or swimming pool deck without assistance. doggydocks simulate a shoreline and work with your dog’s natural instincts, so he'll learn to use it almost immediately.

doggydocks are portable, lightweight, and durable. They come in two sizes to meet the needs of any dog and you can even purchase a folding doggydock for easier storage. They will attach easily to any flat surface as well.

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