Help Your Dog Relax with These Natural Pet Supplements

Canine stress can cause so many issues, and this stress can be equally as hard on the dog's owner. Most pet parents don't want to tranquilize or sedate their dog unless absolutely necessary. Head to Tail Calming Supplements for Dogs are designed to help calm stress-related behavior problems, without affecting your dog’s energy level.

I am not a fan of medicating my dog unless it's an absolute last resort, so natural supplements are right up my alley. We give our boxer a natural supplement (not this particular one) for anxiety during thunderstorms because she is terrified of them and will shake for hours during and after a storm.

These Head to Tail supplements are made with calming chamomile, antioxidant goji berries, and other beneficial ingredients. They have a tasty chicken liver-flavor, and these chews will provide  your dog with some much-needed relaxation. They’re ideal for stressful situations like car travel, thunderstorms, or trips to the groomer or veterinarian.

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This supplement can be used daily or as needed to reduce stress and calm behaviors like excessive barking, destruction, and aggression. If you have a dog with separation anxiety, this natural remedy may be worth a shot. As I mentioned, we give our dog a supplement only during thunderstorms and they really help to calm and relax her. She can hear the thunder before we can, so as soon as we see her begin to get anxious we give her a supplement and she's calm within minutes.

These calming supplements from Head to Tail are specially formulated to not cause disorientation or drowsiness. I think it lowers a canine's quality of life if they are sedated, tranquilized, or given a pill that makes them drowsy or disoriented on a regular basis. If your dog has anxiety I would strongly recommend trying a natural remedy like this one from Head to Tail before medicating her. As with any supplement, you should consult your veterinarian before giving this supplement to your dog.

Samantha’s biggest passion in life is spending time with her Boxer dogs. After she rescued her first Boxer in 2004, Samantha fell in love with the breed and has continued to rescue three other Boxers since then. She enjoys hiking and swimming with her Boxers, Maddie and Chloe.