Hold Your Dog Waste Discreetly and Fashionably with a PoopPac

Dog owners love their dogs, but hate cleaning up after them. Unfortunately that is one of the responsibilities that we must take care of, although it is rather gross and unhygienic to hold onto a bag of dog poop until your walk is over or you come to a trash can. With the PoopPac you can hold onto the waste without actually having to hold the bag in your hand.

These bags are stylish, convenient, and come in many unisex styles. The case is rigid so it won't squash the poop, and it's equipped with an activated charcoal filter to reduce the smell. The waste is kept in its own zippered compartment, and the back side of the bag is a completely separate zippered compartment for storage. The shoulder strap allows the PoopPac to be held hands-free so you can use both hands to hold your dog's leash.

You can keep your phone, wallet, or other small items in the other compartment, and there is also a spot at the bottom for a roll of poop bags to be stored. You can easily access the waste bags by pulling them out the slot on the bottom of the PoopPac.

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