If you have come across this article thinking “How much does a dog daycare cost?” I can already guess your situation.

Busy with work and no one to look after the dogs at home? I know how you feel!

Good thing, there are lots of doggy daycares all over the country that can cater to their needs while you're away for the day.

In this article, let me give you a general idea of dog daycare rates—how much they cost per day or per month, and how to pick the best doggy daycare for your pooch.


Dog Daycare: How Much Does it Cost?

Talking about the cost is actually a little tricky—it really depends on the facility and your location.

If you're living in a state or in a city with a higher cost of living, chances are the dog daycare rates are also high.

However, if you're living in a more laidback area with a more affordable cost of living, then dog daycare rates can be more affordable too.

Typically, doggy daycare will offer two types of rates: a Full-day rate and a Half-day rate.

These days, the national average cost of full-day rates for dog daycare is around $18 to $29. While some offer flexible time, others may be strict with a 7 am to 6 pm schedule.

Half-day rates, on the other hand, can set you back around $15, and usually lasts for 4 to 5 hours.

If you think you'd need to drop your pooch off for most days of the work month, a monthly rate may cost you $458 to $720.

Some facilities give a 10% to 50% discount if you are boarding more than one dog, or if you're planning to avail more than one day.

There are doggy daycares, though, that offer special packages that are more cost-efficient.

You may consider getting one instead if you think your pup is about to be a regular guest. They'll most likely get VIP treatment, too!

Average Cost of Dog Daycare

Full Day Rate $18 – $29
Half Day Rate $15
Monthly Rate $458 – $720

Dog Daycare: Why Do They Cost As Much As They Do?

Apart from the location, different dog daycares provide specialized services too. Depending on what you'll avail for your dog, you may have to pay extra for extra services, too.

Standard Services of Dog Daycares

Most dog daycares provide the following services for their canine guests:


Dog daycares are the perfect avenue for socialization so your dog can expect a lot of playtimes!

There should be indoor and outdoor facilities for all types of physical activity, whether it be with other pooches or just one-on-one with a daycare staff.

Some dog daycares even organize separate playgroups for small breeds and large breeds.

Safe and Timely Feedings

You won't need to worry whether your dog is eating or drinking enough. Dog daycares will definitely make sure your pooch is well-fed and that water bowls are always filled and available.

Just make sure to specify (or better yet, pack!) the dog food your fur baby requires, as well as the amount and frequency of their eating schedule especially if you're gonna leave them for the whole day.

Let the staff know too about any allergies or sensitivities your dog may have to avoid emergencies.

Potty Breaks

Depending on the doggy daycare, some offer an on-lease walk to let your dogs go potty on schedule.

Others, however, just provide a designated area where your pup can run whenever they need to go!


Resting is as necessary as playtime, so doggy daycares make sure that there's enough time for the dogs to plop down after a tiring play session.

Dog daycares provide a restful spot for the dogs to relax and recharge for their next play schedule.

Mental Stimulation with Toys and Equipment

No doggy daycare would be complete without dog-safe toys and equipment for mental stimulation.

What's good here is your dog can pick up new tricks which you can actually find helpful at home.

Extra Features

Now, this is where doggy daycares differ. While some only provide the basic services mentioned above, others go the extra mile to help get your pooch the best experience.

These extra services, of course, come with extra fees—so you gotta consider that, too!

Temperament Tests

For the majority, this is more of a requirement than an optional service you can choose from.

Temperament tests are done to measure a dog's reaction to strange or unfamiliar stimuli. This is important before the daycare allows a new canine enrollee free play with the other dogs.

The good news, though, is there are doggy daycares that offer this for free or in a package, while others require an upfront payment.

Grooming Servicesgrooming-in-dog-daycare

Why not maximize your dog's day by getting them pampered and groomed while in the daycare?

Some doggy daycares give a discount on the full-day price if grooming services are also purchased.

The common services being offered are full grooming, nail trimming, baths, haircut, etc.

I'm sure you'd be excited to pick up your fresh and newly-shined pup at the end of the day!


There are also doggy daycares with licensed veterinarians that provide medications or shots to dogs when necessary and when you opt for it.

This is important especially if you have a senior dog that needs caring or any dog with medical needs.

Overnight Stay

Emergencies happen when you least expect them. Sometimes, your day goes longer than what you actually planned for.

Good thing, there are doggy daycares that actually double as boarding facilities for dogs. You can ask them to have your dog extend his stay for the night, for a price.

Be careful with this, though, because some daycare automatically applies an overnight stay fee if you get late in picking your dog up even just for a couple of hours.

Additional Costs

Apart from the standard rates for full-day and half-day along with the extra features you'd want to get for your dog, there are also additional costs you'd have to pay for the doggy daycare.

Some of them are:

  • Application fees
  • Late pick-up fees
  • Cancellation fees if prior cancellation isn't done in less than 24 hours
  • Transportation fees if you prefer the facility to pick up and drop off your pooch at your home instead
  • Emergency vet fees upon your agreement


Benefits of Dog Daycare

Reading all the possible costs, I'm sure you are wondering by now if getting your dog to a doggy daycare really worth it. Let me tell you—it is!

You'll get your money's worth because of the benefits it will bring for you and your dog.

For Dogs

  • They get the proper daily workout they need.
  • They get to socialize safely with other dogs.
  • They get to manage their separation anxiety and learn to enjoy their short time apart.
  • They get to learn and maintain a routine—they'd even do this at home!
  • They get all the attention they need even without you around.

For Fur Parents

  • You'll get peace of mind knowing that your dog is well-cared for. That's priceless!
  • You'll get quiet time to help you focus on your tasks at hand.
  • You'll get to learn about your dog better by asking for feedback and observation from the daycare staff.

Dog Daycare: How to Pick One?

I hope you're now convinced that dog daycares are your best bet to look after your dog when you're a busy bee.

The next step would be choosing the best facility for your precious pooch. But with a lot of options around to select from, how would you know which one to pick?

Types of Dog Daycare

There are 2 types of dog daycare you can consider depending on your dog's needs and your budget, too.

Commercial Dog Daycare

These are the full-blown facilities that can provide all the services, including the extra ones, that we mentioned above.

Commercial dog daycares usually have enough staff to care for a lot of dogs, plus all the facilities and activities that will definitely relieve your dog from boredom.

These daycares cost more, but then, your dog will get what you pay for.

In-home Dog Daycare

In-home dog daycares are smaller in scale compared to commercial daycares. These are usually run by 1 to 2 staff and involve a relatively smaller indoor or outdoor area for activities.

What's good with in-home dog daycare though is they only accept fewer dogs, so you'll be assured of more personalized service for each one of them.

Introvert dogs may also feel more comfortable in smaller settings like this. Plus, it will usually cost you less.


What to Look For in a Dog Daycare

These are, in our opinion, the non-negotiables to looking for the best dog daycare facility for your fur baby.

Required Proof of Vaccination

Sure, you'd have to look again for your dog's vaccine records to present to the daycare.

But think about it. If they are requiring your dog certain vaccinations, then all the other dogs in the daycare already have them.

This means they are protected from any diseases. This means your dog will be protected too!

Some also require the dogs to be neutered or spayed, or have an updated monthly flea and tick medication.

With these policies, you can rest assured that you can leave your pooch for a couple of hours without risking them any kind of harm.

Clean, Secured, and Safe Facilities

Have a look around the daycare. Are the floors not slippery? Is everything in place?

How about the smell—are there no odors? Are the toys and equipment clean?

How about the outside play area? Is the fence tall enough to make sure no rogue dogs can escape?

Before visiting, make a checklist of the things you'd like to see in the facility.

You can also ask questions when needed–anything to make you feel your dog is going to be safe and secure while staying in the daycare. You gotta trust your instinct on this one.

Good Dog-to-Staff Ratio

Of course, you'd want to make sure your dog will get at least enough attention from the staff.

Because commercial dog daycares admit a lot of dogs, it's difficult to imagine how to manage them all at once.

Ideally, there should be 1 caregiver for every 15 dogs and roughly 75 square feet per dog (to make sure they can move around comfortably.)

That's why it's important that there is enough personnel to look after the dogs while doing their activities.

Trial Period

Upon your application, you also gotta test the water with your dog, so to speak.

See if your dog is comfortable meeting unfamiliar people and unfamiliar dogs.

It's natural for them to feel nervous at first, but you should see them slowly warm up and be excited about the new space that they can explore before fully committing.

Additional Tips

The best place to start looking for the best dog daycare is in your community. Ask your veterinarian, another pet owner, or the staff at the nearest pet store for their recommendations.

Once you confirmed the boarding of your dog to the daycare, pay attention to their rules and regulations.

Note your facility’s business hours. Arrive on time to avoid late fees.

You can also take advantage of their promos and discount packages. If you have multiple dogs, book them at the same time to avail the discount.

Or if you think you're gonna be needing the daycare for multiple days, then book that too ahead of time.

Any way to save money is worth doing.

Dog Daycare: How Much Does It Cost — Summary

Dog daycare rates may cost more than your monthly budget.

But think about the convenience and the peace of mind it can bring you. Plus, the benefits your dog will surely get from the experience.

That should be worth the bucks you're gonna have to shell out to board your dog in a doggy daycare.

But asking how much a dog daycare costs will always be worth it. Just be patient in looking for the best one for your dog and for your budget.

After all, you'd want to make sure that you're not only getting your money's worth but your precious furry one also gets the most out of the experience.

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