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How to Get Dog Hair Off Clothes

There are not many downsides to owning a dog, but shed hair is definitely on the top of the list. We all fight the battle to remove dog hair from our clothing, and many of us fight this battle on a daily basis. This article shares my tips for how to get dog hair off clothes.

There are many different products available to help pet owners remove hair from their clothing and upholstery. How can you know which products are effective and which seem too good to be true?

How To Get Dog Hair Off ClothesThese are my go-to dog hair removal tricks. I've tried these methods countless times, and they are always effective – no matter what type of fur your dog has. That's important to keep in mind, because some products are more effective on fine hair than they are on course fur and vice versa.

It's impossible to find a canine that doesn't shed, unless you get a completely hairless breed. The only way to tell how much a dog will shed is to research the breed before adopting. Just because a dog has long hair, doesn't mean it will shed a lot. Likewise, some short-haired breeds.

Every pet owner needs to know how to get dog hair off clothes. You don't want to have to avoid your pup every day before leaving the house. Use my proven tips and tricks to remove all that unwanted shed hair, leaving you presentable for work or outings.

How to Get Dog Hair Off Clothes

How To Get Dog Hair Off ClothesWhen discussing how to get dog hair off clothes, it's also important to discuss ways to reduce shedding. We've written an article on the subject, but the best thing you can do is maintain proper grooming. Regular brushing is the best way to remove shed hair from the coat before it can stick to your clothing or fall off onto your flooring and furniture.

A proper diet is also key to keeping your dog's skin and coat healthy. A healthy coat will shed less than a dry, brittle one. Likewise, moisturized and healthy skin will help reduce the amount of shed hair even more.

If your regular dog food isn't providing enough nutrients to keep Fido's skin and coat healthy, try adding a fish oil supplement and/or coconut oil to his meals. Both of these supplements contain fatty acids that will aid in overall skin and coat health.

Dog HairKeeping your house clean will also prevent shed hair from floating around and sticking to your clothing. Regular vacuuming is the best way to reduce the amount of shed hair in your home. Keeping your dog's bedding clean is also an important step to prevent the amount of shed hair that collects in your house.

How to Get Dog Hair Off Clothes

As I mentioned, there are many different products on the market that claim to reduce shed pet hair from clothing, upholstery and furniture. If you're looking for a sure-fire way, try some of my tips on how to get dog hair off clothes. These methods are all affordable on any budget, and use materials that you probably already own.

Of course, lint rollers are one of the most popular dog hair removal tools. They work well, but you'll constantly be pulling off sheet after sheet. This isn't cost effective or eco-friendly.

How To Get Dog Hair Off ClothesSome people choose a more readily accesible option – tape. If you've run out of lint roller sheets or you don't have one available, try using tape to remove dog hair from your clothing. It works in a pinch if you have an important meeting or forgot to lint roll your clothes before leaving for work.

I prefer using a more eco-friendly option, like rubber gloves. A pair of dishwashing gloves, like the ones pictured to the left, are cheap and can be used hundreds of times.

Rub a small amount of water on the palm of the glove, and rub your glove-covered hand down your clothing. It will remove just as much pet hair as a lint roller, and you can easily rinse the hair off with running water to clean the gloves.

How to Get Dog Hair Off Clothes - Video GuideThere are also a number of pet hair removal tools that are reusable. I've reviewed a few of my favorites to help pet owners choose one that meets their needs:

Another trick that I recommend when learning how to get dog hair off clothes is to add vinegar to your washing machine when doing laundry. 1/2 cup of vinegar added to each load will help to prevent static electricity, reducing the amount of hair that sticks to the clothing.

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