One of the more essential techniques you’ll quickly learn as a new puppy owner is how to get dog pee out of a mattress.

Everyone who keeps a young puppy or senior dog with incontinence issues inside the house will probably face this problem.

Well, it becomes problematic when expensive furniture comes into the equation.

The main problem with how to get the dog pee out of the mattress and delaying the process is that if the pet's urine is not thoroughly washed out, the dog will probably urinate in that same place again due to the lingering smell.

There are many things to remember when dealing with pet urine, and all are crucial for keeping your mattress and all home furniture safe, stain- and smell-free.

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How to Get Dog Pee Out of Mattress
A Few Things to Keep in Mind

 Dog Pee Out of Mattress

Timing is Important When Getting Pee Out of a Mattress

Always try to clean the pee area on the mattress when the dog isn’t in the room; otherwise, it might give him the idea that peeing all over your things attracts your attention, and that’s not an opportunity that any loyal pup can ignore.

It might also help to change up the layout of the furniture if your puppy consistently pees on the mattress, particularly in the same place, over a more extended period.

Avoid Chemicals that Immediately Come to Mind

When it comes to getting dog pee out of mattresses, many owners make the mistake of picking up the first cleaning product they come across to clean the spot.

Do NOT do this.

Not all cleaning products are pet-friendly and safe for the dog, and many of them also have an overpowering smell that might confuse your dog.

So even if there’s no danger of a cleaning product poisoning your puppy, the dog can confuse smells of cleaning supplies like bleach and many disinfectants, for example, with the scent of his urine, which can only motivate him to repeat the misdeed.

Approach the Issue Correctly

The problem is that some people approach how to get dog pee out of mattresses the same way they would come any other kind of stain.

To effectively clean dog urine, you have to understand how it reacts to other chemicals to avoid those that have a negative impact.

It is also recommended that you don’t use regular detergent to remove traces of dog urine, as the odor will disappear.

Still, a sticky residue will remain and accumulate dirt and dust.

You should also be careful if you decide to use a sanitizer to mask the smell.

Beware that many sanitizer products are toxic or contain chemicals that could poison your dog or be cancerous to your dog, so be very careful when choosing one and check if it’s pet-safe or pet-friendly (it will say on the back of the bottle).

You can also make your homemade cleaning supplies that will be safe for the dog.

Now that you know what to avoid, here are a few tips on how to get dog pee out of a mattress and what you should keep in mind when attempting to do this.

5 Tips on How to Get Dog Pee Out of Mattress

How to Get Dog Pee Out of Mattress - Most Effective Techniques

1. React Quickly

It’s imperative to eliminate the traces of dog urine on the mattress as quickly as possible if you want the odor to disappear completely.

When doing this, you have to be thorough because your pup has a sense of smell that is about a hundred times greater than yours, so “good enough” won’t cut it.

Dry the Area of Dog Pee on MattressIf the dog can still smell urine from the cleaned area, it might make him believe it is a perfect place to relieve himself.

So, if you notice your furry friend taking a leak, leap to your feet and try to remove the stain before it’s too late.

Sometimes it’s hard to see those stains, so use a pet urine detector on the mattress to see where the smell comes from.

2. Dry the Area

After you located all dog urine spots on the mattress, the first step is to dry the area using paper towels or sponges immediately – try dabbing instead of rubbing to avoid spreading the pet urine.

Make sure to apply much pressure to soak up as much as possible.

If you’re a dog owner, you should already have pre-made products designed explicitly for removing dog urine stains from furniture, carpet, and mattress (here are a few).

With a commercial dog pee stain eliminator, use the instructions on the bottle, and it will do exactly what you need it to do.

However, if you prefer more natural DIY homemade solutions, the following ingredients will also work in ways to get dog pee out of a mattress.

3. Use Vinegar and Baking Soda Solution

Natural Solutions for Getting Dog Pee Out of MattressOne of the most effective home solutions for getting dog pee out of a mattress is a mixture of vinegar and baking soda.

Seeing how dog urine contains alkaline and acidic substances, it is necessary to use the combination of these two natural acidic substances to remove the odor entirely.

Dissolve the baking soda and vinegar, put the mixture into a spray bottle, and directly spray the mattress area your dog has peed on.

After applying the mixture, let the area dry and repeat the process several times until the smell has disappeared.

4. Try Hydrogen Peroxide and Soap

In addition, you can also try mixing hydrogen peroxide and some regular soap when battling the smell of dog urine.

Just mix a teaspoon of soap in a cup of hydrogen peroxide and stir until the ingredients are perfectly mixed.

Then, using a damp cloth, apply this concoction directly onto the dog pee stain on the mattress and allow the area to dry.

Like the previous method, you should repeat the process multiple times to get desirable results.

5. Add Lemon Juice and Water

Lemon Juice to Fight Dog Pee StainsThe most popular homemade remedy among pet owners is also the simplest one – the mixture of lemon juice and water.

The acidic nature of lemon can eliminate traces of urine and replace them with a pleasant aroma, and that’s the most common way to get dog pee out of a mattress.

Another significant side effect (benefit?) of using lemon juice and water is that most dogs hate the smell of citrus.

It can be an effective pest repellent for stubborn dogs who continue peeking on the mattress.

To apply this homemade mixture/product, wet the dog urine stain with water and then rub it directly with a lemon.

You can first squeeze the lemon juice onto the stain before rubbing it directly or mix it up together and use a spray bottle.

FAQs on How To Get Dog Pee Out of Mattress

Why does my dog pee on my bed?

When you see dogs pee outside on posts or certain spots frequently, they mark an object or an area.

Since they pee to mark objects, they could be marking your bed.

It isn't necessarily them claiming your bed, but a way to make them feel more comfortable.

You will see dogs urinate in places that make them feel uncomfortable.

It could be because there are many new smells, and they pee to add their scent, therefore feeling more at home and comfortable in the space.

How do you get dog urine out of a mattress without baking soda?

There are several ways to pull out dog urine and clean the spot on the mattress without baking soda.

You can use a mixture like this:

  1. Two parts cold water (the sink is fine)
  2. And one part white vinegar
  3. A little bit of some laundry detergent you have lying around

Using some hydrogen peroxide will do the trick if you don't have that.

If you don't want it to bleach the mattress, just dilute it.

Does the smell of dog urine ever go away?

Yes, but you won't like the answer.

Dog pee left alone can take up to five years to no longer smell.

That's why cleaning it up as soon as you find it is crucial.

The smell of dog urine can be strong if left for a while and may take more elbow grease i

After Cleaning Dog Pee Out of the Mattress, Continue to Keep the Area Clean

After removing dog pee stain and smell from the mattress, you must train and educate your puppy so that he won’t repeat the mistake.

If no technique seems to work, you can use commercial dog repellents that can be used on furniture or prepare your DIY homemade repellents to scare the dog off from any problematic areas.

For natural solutions of dog repellents, a helpful method is to use a bit of Cayenne Peppers because they contain a molecule that slightly irritates a dog’s skin but not enough to cause them any problems.

Scatter some of this pepper on the area where your dog urinates, and you will be one step closer to having a clean mattress.

The 5 Tips on How to Get Dog Pee Out of MattressIf your pup is exceptionally stubborn, you can try ammonia-based mixtures that make some of the most effective natural dog repellents.

Apply them to the problematic area, and your dog likely won’t approach it soon.

In general, homemade repellents are a little bothersome, and most owners will use commercial ones that are very effective.

Whatever may trigger your dog to do its business on your mattress, it’s essential to tackle the issue as soon as possible.

When you know how to get dog pee out of a mattress and do it promptly, your chances of success are higher.

And regardless of whether you decide on using a store-bought solution or a homemade one, don’t leave the job half done and make sure that the smell has completely disappeared.

How to Get Dog Pee Out of Mattress: Before You Go

To keep your mattress in the finest condition for restful sleep, it's crucial to know how to remove urine from a mattress properly.

The simplest way to prevent your woofer from urinating on your mattress is to keep him away from it entirely.

With water, vinegar, and your preferred essential oil, you can create a pet deterrent if you want an all-natural or do-it-yourself option.

You might also want to consider getting your pet a pup-friendly dog bed.

Call the vet if Fido is frequently having accidents. Urinary problems may be a sign of an illness or anxiety issue.


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