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How To Make A DIY Dog Run for Any Yard

Caring for a dog that is extremely active requires a lot more work on your part. Every dog is a big responsibility, but an especially energetic dog needs more time and attention than the average pooch. If you're having trouble keeping your dog in the yard, for example, you may need to learn how to make a DIY dog run.

Energetic dogs need more playtime. They need to burn off all of that excess energy or they will become a nuisance. Active dogs will beg for playtime, and they even get themselves into trouble while looking for ways to entertain themselves.

One of the ways many dogs seek entertainment is by leaving the yard to explore the neighborhood. Obviously, this is dangerous for a number of reasons. You could put up a fence, get a wireless containment system or keep your dog on a leash any time he's outdoors.

Fencing is expensive, and wireless containment systems are too! Keeping your dog on a leash at all times  is annoying and time consuming. Making a DIY dog run is a cheap and effective way to keep your pet safely in the yard, and it's easy to take along while camping, traveling or if you move to a new home.

How To Make A DIY Dog Run

DIY dog runSupplies You'll Need

  • 1 ratchet strap
  • 1 dog leash
  • 1 dog harness

Making a DIY Dog Run

Making this homemade dog run is very simple. The length of the ratchet strap that you purchase will depend on where you're placing the dog run. First, decide where the run will be located. Measure the length of the needed run from one end to the other.

Purchase a ratchet strap that is at least 2 feet longer than the length that you need. This will allow extra strap on each end to attach the run. You can purchase hooks or other hardware to attach the run to a building or tree. I used trees on both ends, and I simply wrap the strap around the trees.

There are many ways to secure the ratchet strap, and no one way is better than the other. As long as the strap is tight and secure, the run will be functional and safe for your pup.

Attach one side of the strap to the building or tree that you've chosen. Now, thread the free end of the strap through the handle of the leash. Attach the other end of the strap to the desired location, and your DIY dog run is complete.

Be sure that you attach your dog to the run using a harness. If you attach the leash to a collar, any pressure from pulling on the run will be dispersed directly to your dog's neck/throat. Using a harness will disperse the pressure through the dog's chest, which is safer and much more comfortable for your pet.

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