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How to Make a Dog Bandana Without Sewing

Lots of pet owners use bandanas to dress up their canine companion without having to put them in an entire outfit. They can add a little pizzazz to your dog's look without having to wrestle him into a sweater or sparkly dress. Learning how to make a dog bandana without sewing is a great way to create lots of options without having to spend a fortune.

Choosing a bandana for your dog is really all about your personal preference. Creating your own doggy bandana allows you to choose any material that you want to use. You can make a new bandana for each day of the week, create new options for each season, or even make your pet a festive holiday bandana to celebrate a special occasion.

A quick Google search will bring up dozens of patterns for bandanas that require sewing. While these projects are unique, they require a lot more time…and sewing skills! If you're looking for an easier option, the project I'm sharing today doesn't require sewing and only takes about 15 minutes to make.

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How to Make a Dog Bandana Without Sewing

How to Make a Dog Bandana Without SewingThe first thing you're going to need to do is measure your dog's neck. All you'll need is a cloth tape measure. As I demonstrate in my video guide above, just wrap the tape measure around your dog's neck where a traditional dog collar would sit. This is your dog's neck measurement.

You'll want to have a bit of extra material on each side of the bandana to allow you to tie it around your pup's neck. Add 2″ to your dog's neck measurement for a small breed and 4″ for a large dog.

To make the bandana, lay out your fabric on a flat surface. On one edge, mark the length of your dog's neck measurement (plus 2″ or 4″). Decide how long you want the bandana to be. Make a mark on the parallel edge at this measurement.

Using a straightedge, connect the two measurement (as I demonstrate in the video guide above). Now it's time to cut the bandana. You can tie the bandana around your dog's neck right away to make sure it fits properly.

If you leave the raw cut edges, they'll fray after a while. To prevent this, you could sew them. However, if you have no sewing skills (like me) you can use hemming tape to secure the hem.

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