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How To Massage Gas Out of Dogs

Gas is a normal and natural occurrence. Unfortunately, excessive gas can be painful and very uncomfortable.

Like humans, this problem can affect your dog so it's best if you know how to massage gas out of dogs.

If your dog suffers from gas issues often, it's best to consult your veterinarian. While it's unlikely, it could be a sign of an underlying health issue.

Sometimes a dog's body forms excessive gas because of bacterial fermentation of nutrients in the diet. This is usually a result of a change in diet that does not agree with their stomach.

Gas can also be formed by dogs swallowing too much air, which happens more frequently than bacterial fermentation.

The main cause of this is eating too quickly. It could also be caused by feeding your dog too quickly after exercise.

No matter the cause, your dog will usually pass gas on his own. If he's having trouble expelling the gas, you can massage his stomach to assist in passing it more quickly.

This will help make your dog more comfortable and get him up and moving around a little faster. The more he moves, the more likely it is that the gas will pass on its own.

How To Massage Gas Out of Dogs

massage gos out of a dog

Some dogs cannot release gas on their own, causing them to suffer from gas build-ups in their digestive tract.

Massaging your dog's abdominal area will relieve this gas build-up and alleviate associated pain and discomfort.

It is imperative that you massage your dog gently and only apply light pressure when needed.

The gas build-up is painful enough, and applying too much pressure can actually cause your dog more pain.

You'll be focusing on massaging your dog's stomach and sides to relieve the gas. Flatten your hand and slowly move your palm over your dog's abdominal area.

gas in dogs

The best method is to lie your dog on his back and run your palm down the stomach toward its rear end.

Then, place your hand on your dog's side and move it down toward his stomach. Rotate back and forth between the two positions until the gas has been expelled.

Feel your pet's body underneath your hand. Pay attention to the areas that feel hardened and the areas that are soft and malleable.

Once some of the gas has been relieved, the rest should be able to work its way out on its own as your dog's body begins to relax.

As your dog begins to feel better, he will likely want to get up and move around.

gas in dogs

Walking around may help to move the leftover gas through his system, but be sure not to allow him to do any strenuous exercise until after the gas has passed.

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Massage Gas Out of Dogs

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