Home Dog News Interested in Dressing Your Dog Like a Harajuku Lover?

Interested in Dressing Your Dog Like a Harajuku Lover?

Interested in Dressing Your Dog Like a Harajuku Lover
Photo: metro.co.uk

Gwen Stefani fans are excited about the singer’s new doggy clothing line that is now available at Petco. It’s certainly an interesting look, but if your Fido has a unique style it may be right for her. Stefani is very well-known for her distinctive style. She is acknowledged as one of the leading fashion icons in the music business, and she’s already deeply involved in the fashion industry. Now she’s branching out to help pet parents clothe their canine companions.

Stefani is having quite a year, and she has been in the headlines of magazines all over the world for her recent divorce from Gavin Rossdale. In the wake of the split, Stefani threw herself into her work. She already has a high-end line of children’s clothing and collaborates with major brands like Urban Decay and OPI. Now she’s bringing her well-known Harajuku Lover’s style to dog gear, and the line is available at Petco.

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Interested in Dressing Your Dog Like a  Harajuku Lover
Photo: metro.co.uk

What would bring a singer and fashion designer to the pet industry? Stefani says “we’re all animal lovers.” Maybe it’s because the pet market is one of the only product categories that she hasn’t infiltrated yet. Stefani has spent many years as the leading vocalist for the popular ska band No Doubt, and a lot of her experiences with the band has influenced the designs offered in her pet clothing line.

The product line consists of 20 pieces, which include bowler hats, bow ties and bandanas. Each piece is emblazoned with checkered prints and the Union Jack – giving a nod to her ska roots. She says:

“My whole history is in ska music. People that don’t know that would laugh at this collection. I would die if I saw this in high school.”

The line was available in Petco stores around the country last week, and it’s also available on the retail giant’s website. The items range in price from $5-$20. Your pup can rock a trendy hoodie, dog socks or a punk inspired sweater. The line also includes numerous chew toys. Stefani calls the line “playful, modern and super kawaii.”

We’re not into the ska/punk style in our house, and to me these dog clothes look a little silly. We do dress our dogs, but we go with more practical clothes and a much more traditional style. If your dog enjoys listening to punk rock or he was a big No Doubt fan in the 90s and early 2000s, he’d probably love to sport this look. Maybe you’re into the punk rock style and you want your Fido to rock the same flair. Whatever the reason, if you’re into this style, consumers are already saying great things about the Harajuku Lover’s line.

Interested in Dressing Your Dog Like a  Harajuku Lover
Photo: popsugar.com

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The prices are great, and pet parents are impressed with the quality of the clothes. Plus, this line is available at Petco, meaning it’s very easy to find if you’re interested in looking at the pieces. It would also be simple to make a return if something wasn’t right with the product you selected. Convenient shopping, distinctive style and quality materials make these dog clothes a good buy – if you’re looking for a unique look for your pet that is.

The one thing that stood out to me about this canine clothing line is the price. Typically, when a product is created by a celebrity, the price is twice as much as similar items. It’s nice to see a quality line developed by a celeb that’s reasonably priced for the average pet parent. This line is certainly going to be more appealing to the younger generation, and their generation isn’t known for having a lot of discretionary income.

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