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Giveaway: iSPECLE Electronic Dog Training Collar ($50+ Value)

Electronic training collars for dogs are handy to have for many different types of training. If you're working on recall training, behavior training or boundary training, you may find that an electronic training collar is an ideal tool. Unfortunately, these collars can also be detrimental to the training process and your dog's emotional health when not used properly.

Cheap electronic collars are usually unreliable, and can actually do more harm than good. It is true that electronic collars may not be affordable for pet parents on a tight budget, but luckily for you, we’re giving someone the chance to win a remote dog training collar from iSPECLE for FREE!

iSPECLE isn't the most well-known company, but they are quickly becoming known as a manufacturer of reliable products. This collar is effective and 100% safe when used properly, and it comes with a beneficial user’s guide that gives you detailed instructions on the safest way to use the collar with your canine companion.

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FREE Dog Supplies That You’ll Receive

iSPECLE Dog Training Collar GiveawayThis electronic collar from iSPECLE is run by a remote control, so you have to be watching your dog at all times in order for it to be effective. You need to monitor your dog constantly in order to correct him when necessary.

You must be consistent in your training with this type of electronic collar. Otherwise, it will take much longer for your dog to grasp what you are trying to teach him. If he can get away with naughty behavior sometimes, he'll push his boundaries every time hoping that you're not watching.

The iSPECLE Dog Training Collar (like all remote dog training collars) isn’t as convenient as a wireless containment system, but it is a lot more versatile. A wireless system can only be used in close proximity to the base unit. With a remote system like this one, you can take it with you anywhere you go.

iSPECLE electronic dog training collar giveawayWireless containment systems are really only beneficial for training your dog to stay in the yard or keeping him out of unwanted places like gardens or ponds. Remote systems like this can be used for all types of training from obedience to leash training and boundary training.

The feature that really sets this collar apart from other similar products is the soft touch points that cover the metal points on the collar receiver. The static correction and vibration can still be felt through these silicone covers, but they make it much more comfortable for your dog to wear.

A remote control system also allows you to train your dog using verbal cues, as well as the audible and static corrections. The iSPECLE Dog Training Collar has a very impressive range of 875 yards (2,625 feet), which is farther than many of its competitors. Its long range makes this training collar ideal for use with hunting and working dogs.

iSPECLE dog training collar

The receiver collars that comes with this giveaway package will fit dogs with a neck circumference of 7″-25″ and are only suitable for dogs weighing more than 20 pounds. It offers 4 correction modes, including:

  • LED light
  • audible tone
  • vibration
  • electronic stimulation

The vibration and shock modes have 99 adjustable levels. This is a big benefit over electronic collar systems that only offer 8-12 correction levels. More levels means a smaller increase in the strength of the correction from one level to the next. A more gradual increase allows you to find just the right level that your dog will respond to without causing him pain.

While most electronic collars only come with one collar and receiver, the iSPECLE Dog Training Collar comes with 2 receivers that are waterproof, 2 collars and 1 remote. Both the collars and the remote are rechargeable.

This electronic dog training collar retails for more than $50 on Amazon, but we're giving one lucky person the chance to win one for FREE!

How to enter the giveaway

iSPECLE electronic dog training collar giveawayTo enter the giveaway all you have to do is:

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