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JoJo Modern Pets Sells Designer Pet Products

JoJo Modern Pets Sells Designer Pet Products
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2 years ago business manager Savina Singh announced the launch of her company, JoJo Couture Designs. The female-owned company manufactures cutting-edge designer pet products and is based in Washington, D.C. Products from JoJo Couture are specifically created to fit the lifestyle of the pet owner.

The pieces combine innovative concepts, sophisticated design, and high quality materials. They are designed to complement home décor and offer a large array of options for the discerning pet parent. Singh says that families are changing and pets are being considered part of the family now more than ever before. Therefore, pet products need to meet the pet owners’ needs as much as they need to suit the pet.

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Singh says that the Washington, D.C. area is a great location for her company because the city is extremely pet-friendly. The metropolitan area of the city boasts more than ten dog parks, walkable sidewalks, several restaurants that allow dogs, and nearly 50 pet friendly hotels.

Dog owners also have a wide selection of grooming facilities, doggy daycare centers, dog sitting and walking services, and pet boutiques to choose from. Many of these facilities already carry the JoJo Couture brand.

JoJo Modern Pets Sells Designer Pet Products
Photo: jojomodernpets.com

The company’s first product, the Stay On Bowl and Mat set, is still a customer favorite. The three-piece pet feeding set includes two stainless steel bowls and a magnetic, waterproof, anti-skid mat. The bowls are made from high-quality stainless steel that is able to magnetize to the mat; this prevents them from sliding or tipping over while the dog is eating.

In fact, stainless steel is the most durable material used to make dining ware for pets, and it doesn’t harbor bacteria like ceramic or plastic dog dishes can. These bowls from JoJo Couture Designs come in many colors to match any home’s décor, and they are also powder-coated so the color won’t scratch or chip. Likewise, the mat is silkscreen printed so the design will not peel.

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The idea for the company came to Singh a few years ago after her beloved cocker spaniel was diagnosed with an immune disease. She began to research new pet products and natural alternatives to veterinary medicine. After working in technology and politics for nine years, Singh gave up her career to focus on her love of dogs.

The brand’s extensive collection of doggy gear includes blankets, towels, and first aid kits, but their dining sets are still their most popular product. Their designer doggy gear is especially popular with celebrities. Some of their famous costumers include Sheena Colette, Lance Reddick, and Julie Vasquez.

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