Keep Your Dog Busy With PlayBites from JW Pet

These chewy treat dispensing toys will keep your dog entertained for hours. They are perfect for pups that are left home alone for long periods of time, and PlayBites from JW Pet are also very beneficial for dogs that gulp down food and need to eat a little slower.

The line of PlayBites toys include The Bear, The Doughnut, The Caterpillar, and The Treat Bone. You get a glimpse of all four in this video. All PlayBites toys are made of a durable all natural rubber material, and they are Certified Non-Toxic.

Each model is designed with different treat chambers to give your pooch a variety of stimulating treat-finding fun. Since they all have different chambers, they each work best with different sized treats. If you can only choose one, pick the one that will best fit the treats that you feed your dog.

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