Keep Dogs off Furniture and Out of Certain Areas With This New Device

Many pet owners struggle to find an easy way to keep their dogs off the furniture, out of flower gardens, or out of the trash. It can be difficult to train your dog to stay away from these trouble areas, but the Pawz Away gadget from PetSafe can help.

This adjustable electronic barrier features a range as small as 6 inches and as large as five feet. It will help dog owners’ easily pinpoint avoidance areas to keep their dogs safe and prevent unwanted behaviors.

The device is battery powered and waterproof, so it can be used outside or inside the house with no trouble at all. The unit comes with a lightweight collar that can be used on dogs over 5 pounds. When the dog comes within range of the device they will be corrected.

Another great thing about the Pawz Away unit is that it is compatible with many other PetSafe barrier systems to make training your dog even easier.

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