This Kit Makes It Simple For Kids to Make Their Own Healthy Dog Treats

Feeding your dog a healthy diet is extremely important. Your pet’s diet is directly related to his overall health and well-being. The quality of the treats that you feed your dog is just as important as the quality of his kibble. Making healthy treats at home is a great option, and it’s no secret that kids like to help in the kitchen. If you’ve got furry kids and human children, this kit from MindWare may be a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

This Make Your Own Dog Treats Kit comes with everything that your children will need to create delicious and healthy dog treats right in your own kitchen – minus the actual ingredients. You’ll have to buy the supplies, but that’s actually a good thing. You’ll have the option to buy all-natural, organic, healthy ingredients instead of the processed ingredients that usually come with these types of kits.

Each kit includes a full-color recipe book, a dog-shaped spatula, biscuit cookie cutters in two sizes, a biscuit stamper, six treat bags with ribbons and gift tags, 24 pup-cake liners, and 6 decorating bags for applying dog-friendly icing. It’s recommended for ages 8 and up. It would definitely be fun for kids, but adults would enjoy this kit as well, at least I know I would!

Homemade dog treats are a great option for dogs with allergies or digestive issues. You can select your own ingredients and you’ll know exactly what is in each treat, so there won’t be any guessing as to whether your dog will have a bad reaction to what you’re feeding him. You don’t need a kit to create your own dog treats, but it would make it easier. You could also use this kit to make (or have your children make) adorable gifts for the dog-lovers in your life.

There are only eight recipes in the book that is included with this kit, but you can find hundreds of other healthy recipes online. If your dog has a favorite flavor or there are certain things he can't have due to allergies, you can look up treat recipes that cater to his individual wants and needs. If your dog is a picky eater it may take some time to find a recipe that he enjoys, but trust me, there are plenty of options out there to choose from.

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