KONG Has Designed An Extremely Durable Plush Toy

We have one dog that loves her plush toys. She carries them around like they are her babies. She doesn't really chew on plush toys; I would say it's more like she sucks on them. We only go through a few toys a year with her…and then there's Saddie. Saddie is our puppy, and I'm pretty sure it's her sole mission in life to ruin as many plush toys as she possibly can.

We go through numerous toys each month with her. She loves her rope toys and her more durable rubber-like toys as well, but there is something about plush toys that appeal to her. It may be their softness, their squishiness, or just the way they feel in her mouth, but whatever it is, she loves them and we can't keep enough of them in the house. This new chew toy from KONG, the Aqua Knot, would be perfect for a dog like Saddie.

The Aqua Knot looks like a traditional plush chew toy on the outside, but on the inside is a knotted rope that satisfies your dog's natural instincts and makes the toy much more durable. Because of the internal rope, there is also less stuffing in these chew toys, which means less of a mess if your dog does tear them open. I don't know about you, but I do not like to pick up a living room full of “stuffy guts,” as we call it in our house. Less stuffing is an ideal feature!

These chew toys are equipped with a squeaker, which is one of Saddie's favorite things, so they will keep your dog entertained during individual play. Their durability and strength also make Aqua Knots ideal for interactive play like tugging and fetching. KONG toys can be found in virtually any pet store, or they can be ordered through the companies website.

I'm not sure why they are call Aqua Knots as they are still plush toys, meaning they would quickly become water logged if you tried to use them in the pool or lake. The name is very deceiving. I know when I first heard it I expected these toys to be able to be used as fetching toys for the water, but if that's your goal you should definitely keep looking.

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