KONG Tennis Pals Combine Two of Dogs’ Favorite Things

Puzzle toys are very popular with dog owners right now due to their ability to entertain dogs while stimulating their brains. KONG has combined two of dogs’ favorite things, tennis balls and squeaker toys, in their new Tennis Pals chew toys.

The durable tennis ball doesn’t squeak, and it can be pushed into the body of the squeaker toy. This creates an entertaining challenge for dog while they try to remove the ball. This toy is also great for dogs that like to play fetch. The erratic way the Tennis Pals toy bounces makes fetching it fun and exciting.

Tennis Pals toys are two toys in one and are available in two sizes and four colors. They also come in three different animal shapes; a lamb, a beaver, and a hedgehog. KONG toys are sold in most large and small pet stores, and their products can also be purchased through their website.

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