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Lady Gaga To Launch a Dog Product Line

Lady Gaga To Launch a Dog Product Line
Photo: Chinadaily.com

Lady Gaga is best known for her pop music and interesting fashion choices, but many people don’t realize she’s also an avid dog lover. In fact, her beloved pup has inspired her to create a collection of products made specifically for dogs. Gaga’s fashion sense is quite theatrical, so it will be interesting to see her creative energies brought to life in the dog product industry.

The pop music songstress and her fiancé, actor Taylor Kinney, are proud pet parents to Asia Kinney, an adorable French bulldog and the inspiration for Gaga’s new business venture. The singer took to her Instagram account on May 28, 2015 pretending to be Asia to make the announcement.

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Lady Gaga To Launch a Dog Product Line
Photo: Pinstopin.com

Although Asia has her own Instagram, it seemed as if she had jumped on her famous mommy’s account posting several pictures of herself ‘drawing’ with captions hinting about sketching new designs for the fashionable puppy apparel line she will be starting.

Another photo showed the dog sitting in a potted plant and the caption read, “ORGANIC GRAIN-FREE LOCAL FARM INGREDIENTS are the best for our body and brain. That's what I eat! That's why I'm inspired to also create A Pet Food Line.”

Another photo stated that little Asia has skin and food allergies, so there is speculation that Gaga’s line will have products geared toward dogs with those conditions as well.

According to Gaga’s manager, Bobby Campbell, the star and her team have been working on the project for 6-8 months. Gaga also posted a bit about her upcoming venture on Instagram saying that her goal is to create products that find functional, yet creative ways for owners to bond with their pets.

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Along with the grain-free, organic dog food, Gaga will be acting as a creative visionary and the artistic director for a collection of fashionable, chic apparel, toys, bowls, and other dog accessories. Campbell says that although Gaga is known for her interesting fashion choices, this line is a serious business endeavor and is not about dressing dogs up in crazy ensembles.

There is no set name for the brand, and the release date has yet to be set. However, Campbell says one thing is for sure. Once the line is available a portion of the proceeds will go to pet-based charitable organizations, specifically smaller organizations that do not have the funds that many larger ones do.