Home Giveaways Giveaway: 6-Foot Leatherberg Dog Leash ($35 Value)

Giveaway: 6-Foot Leatherberg Dog Leash ($35 Value)

There are certain pet supplies that every dog owner must purchase in order to properly care for their pooch. A quality dog leash is one of those items. Every pooch is going to need to be restrained on a leash at some point, and this is your chance to win this valuable piece of dog supplies for FREE!

When you're shopping for a leash, you need to be sure that you find one that will meet your needs and be safe for your pet. Retractable leashes, for example, can be dangerous due to the thin retractable ribbon. This ribbon could wrap around your dog's neck or extremities and cause serious injury.

A standard dog leash, like this one from Leatherberg, is ideal for every dog no matter their size or energy level. Unfortunately, a leather leash is not ideal for puppies or dogs that like to chew. The smell of the leather can be very enticing, and they're likely to chew right through the leash when you're not looking.

If you think a leash like this would be suitable for your pup, it's easy to enter the giveaway!

How to enter the giveaway

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FREE Dog Supplies That You'll Receive

Leatherberg Leash GiveawayThis leash is 6 feet long and 3/4-inch wide. It's ideal for dogs of any size, from small breeds to the largest pets. It's also made from 100% Latigo leather, so it has all the benefits of a genuine leather dog leash.

The leather is soft, and the edges are beveled for additional comfort. One of the greatest things about leather leashes is that the handle will contour to your hand over time. The more you use the leash, the more contoured the handle will become.

Leatherberg Leash GiveawayLeather leashes are also lightweight and extremely durable. The leather also absorbs some of the impacts if you have a dog that pulls on its leash. Not to mention, who doesn't love the smell of leather?

This beautiful leash will attract attention at the dog park, and the hardware is very strong. With all this said, this dog leash from Leatherberg is built to last and is suitable for any size pet.

It sells for $34.99 on Amazon, but this is your chance to win a gorgeous 100% leather dog leash for FREE! You're going to need to keep Fido on a leash sometimes, even if it's just for yearly trips to the vet.

How to enter the giveaway

Leatherberg Leash GiveawayTo enter the giveaway all you have to do is:

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