Memphis Dog Burned By Owner Finally Finds a New Forever Home 1 Year After
PHOTO: Courtesy of Tails of Hope Dog Rescue

Riona, a 2-year-old Pitbull mix, found its forever home a year after its tragic story went viral on June 2022.

The 38-pound dog finally meets its new adoptive family, whose identity is unpublicized for privacy reasons.

Our goal was to get her a forever home, and that’s exactly what we found,” Tails of Hope co-founder Ginger Natoli said.

Riona is now in the hands of a loving family who are said to be of a medical background and fully understand the pup’s medical needs.

Along with 4 kids and 2 “doggie sisters,” Riona has a spacious home, and “she’s got a big yard to play in,” Natoli assures.

A year ago, Riona made it to the headlines and went viral due to its heartbreaking story when its previous owner “poured diesel fuel on her and set it on fire.”

Neighbors in the Nutbush neighborhood of Memphis, Tennessee saw Riona running down the street enveloped in flames.

Sixty percent of her body had fourth-degree burns,” Natoli said. 

She lost her left ear because it was basically burned off.

The dog’s former owner, Quishon Brown, faces 3 counts of aggravated cruelty to animals and 1 count of setting fire to personal property or land.


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