Giveaway: MIU PET Hands Free Walking System and EzyDog Harness ($47 Value)

If you enjoy jogging or running with your pet, this giveaway is for you. Hands-free dog walking systems allow you to have control over your pet without tying up your hands. This is your chance at a FREE hands-free dog walking system and a harness to go with it!

This hands-free dog walking system from MIU PET A hands-free dog walking system consists of a belt that secures around your waist and a leash that attaches to it via a carabiner clip. You can feel free to pump your arms while running or jogging without having to worry about holding onto a traditional leash.

When walking your canine companion, it's also best to use a dog harness instead of a dog collar. Collars put a strain on your pet's neck and throat if he pulls with even the slightest amount of pressure. Dog harnesses, on the other hand, disperse the pressure throughout your dog's chest, which is not only safer but more comfortable for your Fido.

So what can you win in this giveaway of free dog supplies? The lucky winner will receive a hands-free dog walking system from MIU PET and a dog harness from EzyDog.

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MIU PET EzyDog Free Dog Supplies Giveaway

Free Dog Supplies That You'll Receive

MIU PET Hands-Free Dog Walking System

The belt is made of a strong polypropylene material that is soft and smooth to the touch. It's very comfortable, even during long walks or strenuous hikes. It's 3.5 inches wide around your sides and back, providing enough support to distribute the weight of your dog if he decides to pull.

MIU PET and EzyDog GiveawayIn my video above you'll see that it also includes a leash with a bungee section. The leash is 1″ wide and the bungee section is 9.4 inches long. The leash is also equipped with an adjustable strap that allows it to expand from 15 to 30 inches (not including the fixed handle).

Another great feature of this walking system from MIU PET is that the leash has two handles – a standard leash handle and a second handle with a carabiner clip. This allows you to use the leash as you normally would, or you can attach the carabiner to the belt for hands-free convenience.

The set also includes a waste bag holder. It can hold a few poop bags, your car keys, cell phone, debit card, or anything else you may want to take along on your walk.

You can check out my video review for more in-depth information on the MIU PET Hands-Free Dog Walking System.

This leash retails for $20 on Amazon, and this is your opportunity to win it for FREE!

EzyDog Chest Plate Dog Harness

EzyDog Chest Plate Dog HarnessThis harness features an ergonomically designed chest plate made of EVA foam. There are two adjustment points so you can get the proper fit for your Fido. It can be worn as an everyday walking harness, and it comes with a removable car seat belt restraint to keep your pup safe in the vehicle.

It's a step in harness and, as I explain in my video above, it comes in a large size. This will fit a dog weighing 42-77 pounds with a neck circumference of 18-31″ and a girth measurement of 19-33″.

This dog harness from EzyDog is made with high visibility reflective stitching. This is especially beneficial if you walk your dog in the evening or early in the morning. A leash can easily be attached to the harness by the stainless steel D-ring.

You can check out my video review for more in-depth information on the EzyDog Chest Plate Dog Harness.

This harness retails for $27 on Amazon, and you've got the opportunity to win it for FREE!

MIU PET EzyDog Free Dog Supplies Giveaway

How to enter the giveaway

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The winner of this giveaway will be drawn on November 4th, 2016. This giveaway is for US residents only.

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