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Review: MIU PET Hands Free Walking System and Adjustable Collar

If you've never heard of a hands free dog leash walking system, you're missing out. Typically they consist of a belt worn around the owners' waist and a dog leash that attaches to this belt. These types of leash systems are ideal for owners who walk or run with their pet often, and this hands free dog walking system from MIU PET is a wonderful option.

The best dog leash will be comfortable for the owner and the dog. This hands free walking system is certainly comfortable, and it's much more convenient than a traditional leash. If you walk or run with your pet frequently, you understand the hassle of trying to tie your shoe, switch to a different song on your iPod or even take a drink of water while trying to hang on to your dog's leash.

With a hands free dog leash walking system like this one from MIU PET, you don't have to worry about any of that. Of course, as you can imagine, having a dog tethered to your waist certainly isn't something you'd want to do with every canine. Your dog must be well trained on a leash for this product to benefit you.

Review: MIU PET Hands Free Walking System and Adjustable Collar

MIU PET Hands Free Walking System Review

Hands Free Dog Leash Walking System

First of all, I have to tell you that I have never used a hands free leash system before. I was skeptical about its comfort and really didn't have high hopes for its functionality either. I'm thankful that I was able to test this product from MIU PET, as it completely changed my thinking about hands free dog walking.

The first thing I noticed was how surprisingly comfortable the belt was. It is made of a durable polypropylene material, which is soft and smooth to the touch. The belt is 3.5 inches wide around the back and sides, allowing for enough support to distribute the pull of your pet without causing you any discomfort.

MIU PET Hands Free Walking System Review
Photo: Samantha Randall

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If you order this walking system, you'll get the choice of two leashes. One is a typical standard leash. The other, which I chose, has a bungee section in the middle. The standard leash is 1 inch wide, with an adjustable length from 2.8 feet to 5.6 feet (excluding the fixed handle).

The bungee leash is 1 inch wide as well, and the bungee section is 9.4 inches long. There is also an adjustable strap on this leash that allows it to expand from 15 to 30 inches (excluding the fixed handle). I chose the bungee leash because I thought it would provide a little more give if our dogs pulled on the leash.

I love the versatility of this walking system.

Both leashes are equipped with two handles – a standard leash handle and a second handle with a carabiner clip. You can hold the standard handle and use the leash as you would any traditional lead, or you can attach the carabiner clip to the belt for hands free convenience. The handle with the carabiner clip is removable as well, so it doesn't just dangle in the air if you're using the standard lead.

This walking system also comes with an attachable waste bag holder. As you'll see in my review, this is removable if you don't need it. I don't use it often, but I always keep it on the belt to hold other things. It fits my car keys, chap stick, driver's license and debit card nicely – if we go to the dog park I don't have to bring my purse!

Adjustable Safety Collar

I was also  sent MIU PET's new adjustable safety collar, which pairs perfectly with their hands free dog leash walking system. The large size, which we needed, comes in a bright red color and the small size is a vibrant yellow. Even through our chocolate lab's thick, dark fur we are able to easily see the collar very well.

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MIU PET Hands Free Walking System Review

The fixed length of the small collar is 11 inches, and it adjusts from 5.5-9 inches. The small collar is 1 inch wide and recommended for dogs under 60 pounds. The fixed length of the large collar is 13.6 inches and it can be adjusted from 6-10 inches. This one is 1.2 inches wide and recommended for dogs between 55 and 150 pounds.

I immediately noticed the inside of the collar when I took it out of the box. The outer layer is made with traditional nylon – similar to other dog collars on the market. Nylon is a great choice for collars because of its durability and smooth feel. 

The inside of this collar is different than any other I've ever seen. It is equipped with a band of spongy plastic that is very soft to the touch. This is added to the collar to prevent irritation on your dog's neck.

I usually don't recommend products with plastic hardware, but that seems to be the way that the industry is leaning. The O-ring on this collar is made of stainless steel, which is great, but the buckle that connects the collar around your pet's neck is plastic. It's a very heavy-duty sturdy plastic, though and does seem very durable.

MIU PET Hands Free Walking System Review
Photo: MIU PET

Another unique feature that this dog collar from MIU PET offers is a small side loop that is placed next to the company's logo. This loop is made of plastic and is specifically for ID tags. I like this idea. It provides a level of safety that is not found on other similar products.

If the ID tags are separate from the area where the leash is clipped and unclipped, it is less likely that the tags will fall off the collar. You won't have to worry about making sure that the tags are secure when you're hooking your pet's leash to his collar. This loop is not meant to secure a leash – if you try it the loop will likely break very quickly.

I did notice that the adjustable buckle on the collar has a tendency to slide – making the collar bigger – when Saddie pulls on it. For example, we are in the process of leash training her and if we go for a long walk and she pulls on the leash a bunch, the collar is about 1/2 an inch looser when we get home.

This issue doesn't happen often. It's only when a lot of force is put on the collar. I mentioned that the plastic buckle is thick and durable, which is great, but it also makes a loud snapping noise when you buckle it around your dog's neck. Our boxer is very timid, and it scares her.

Summary of MIU PET Hands Free Walking System and Adjustable Collar Review

PROS: The walking system and leash are both very well made. Their durable quality will last a long time. The convenience of the hands free walking system is wonderful, and the versatility of the leash is great as well. You can use it as a standard lead that you hold in your hand or clip it to the belt and use the hands free system. The collar is designed for comfort and the bright color stands out on any coat color.

The price is just right too! You can pick up the collar for just $12 and the entire walking system (belt, leash and waste bag holder) for only $21.

CONS: The belt for this hands free dog walking system won't fit everyone. The small running belt has a fixed length of 2.6 feet and is adjustable 0.6-0.9 feet.

The large running belt is 2.9 feet long and adjustable 0.6-0.9 feet. It's also not a product that you will want to use with your dog unless he is well trained on a leash, and it isn't a product that children should use either.

The adjusting buckle on the collar slides when a lot of pulling pressure is put on it, and the thick plastic buckle makes a loud snap that may scare timid dogs. None of these issues are deal breakers, but they are certainly worth mentioning.

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miu-pet-hands-free-walking-system-reviewThis hands free walking system from MIU PET is functional and durable. The comfortable belt attaches around your waist and the leash can be attached to the belt or used as a traditional dog leash. The entire system pairs perfectly with the brand's new adjustable safety collar.