New Collar Lets You Record Messages and Take Videos of Your Pup

This amazing new dog collar debuted at Mobile World Congress 2015. It can send you information on everything your dog is up to throughout the day, and it can even send you videos, which stream live over Wi-Fi, so you can see what your dog is doing while you’re gone.

One of the coolest features of the Motorola 5000 is called bark notification, and it does just that. The collar will send an alert to your phone any time that your dog barks and it even takes a short video during and after the bark so you can see what is piquing your dog’s interest.

There are many excellent collars on the market, but nothing quite like this one! Another exciting feature is that this collar allows you to prerecord messages that will play for your dog while you’re gone. Is there any better way to soothe your pooch than that? There will definitely be a long line for this one when it comes out later this spring!

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