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New Device Lets Dog Owners Monitor Their Pets During Flights

New Device Lets Dog Owners Monitor Their Pets During Flights
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Flying with a dog can be scary. Even if your pet has flown before, it is hard not to worry about them while they’re in-flight. Delta Airlines has just released a new device that will hopefully allow dog owners to rest a little easier while their pups are in the air.

The device attaches to the pet’s carrier and uses a combination of GPS and other monitoring technologies to make sure that your pooch is as comfortable as possible while they are in-flight and that they don’t get lost along the way. It costs the dog owner about $50 dollars per pet.

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Right now the device is only available through the cargo facility of 10 major U.S. airports including Los Angeles, Tampa, Atlanta, Seattle, and New York. Recently many airlines have been scrutinized for their animal handling procedures, and Delta is making an effort to show pet owners that they care about the dogs and cats that fly with them.

More than 470 pet injuries, deaths, and losses have been reported by the 20 biggest airlines in the last ten years. Delta, which is based out of Atlanta, Georgia, has reported the most deaths, 51 to be exact, in the last five years. Only six of those have been reported since 2013. Officials with the airline are hoping that this device will drop that number to zero.

New Device Lets Dog Owners Monitor Their Pets During Flights
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The device monitors many factors while your pet is in their carrier and will send an alert to officials of the airline if the temperature in the cabin becomes too hot or their crate gets knocked over. This information will also be sent to your Smartphone so you can stay up-to-date on what is happening with your dog and how Delta is handling any issues that may arise.

Unfortunately, due to Delta’s in-flight cell phone policy, passengers are only able to receive these updates while the plane is on the ground. However, although it may seem like an expensive security blanket for pet owners, they can rest assured knowing that Delta officials will be tracking and monitoring their pet throughout the journey, even if they can’t receive the updates until they land.

This new device could be a breakthrough in pet care for animals flying with major airlines. Until now, although they had to abide by certain industry regulations, there wasn’t much monitoring happening while animals were in-flight. This new device will monitor the pets and hold airline officials accountable if something goes wrong.

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