New Invention Makes Keeping Your Dog’s Paws Clean, Simple and Fun

Katie Mulich, inventor of the Paw Wash, talks about her original invention that cleans a dog’s paws without the hassle of spraying them down with a hose or getting them in the bathtub. Now her invention is being sold worldwide helping other dog owners clean their pet’s paws quickly and effectively.

The device is simple to use. Dog owners just fill it with water to the pre-marked fill line, add a few drops of soap or dog shampoo, and insert their dog’s paw. Once the paw is placed in the Paw Wash suction is created, and with a few quick pumps all the dirt and mud from the paw is pulled off and the foot can be released.

Mulich thought up the idea for the Paw Wash when she was just 12 years old. It was an entry for her sixth grade science fair. She quickly received a U.S. Patent for her product and began selling them online. Now the Paw Wash is available at many online retailers and on store shelves around the country.

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