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New Probiotic for Dogs Has Hit the Shelves

A New Probiotic for Dogs Has Hit the Shelves
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Humans have been leaning more toward organic products for years and the trend to get healthy seems to be growing more every day. Now dogs can get in on the health craze with a new probiotic dog supplement that boosts immunity, aids in digestion, and protects the gastrointestinal tract.

A Danish company and a firm from Nepal have collaborated to produce these dietary supplements for dogs. Biosa Nepal and Biosa Denmark have teamed up to create Pet Biosa. This canine probiotic supplement is made up of organic acids, beneficial microorganisms, and 19 herb extracts.

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Abiral Pant of Biosa Nepal says that Pet Biosa may be new to the market, but there has been a demand for probiotic dog supplements for some time. The good bacteria in the supplements reverts the dog’s immune system back to its natural state.

Pet Biosa contains a much larger concentration of probiotic ingredients than any similar product on the market. Since it is a natural product there are no side effects linked to its use. Likewise, it can be combined with other medications or antibiotics if that were required.

A New Probiotic for Dogs Has Hit the Shelves
Photo: nepaltimes.com

Pet Biosa hit shelves in January of this year after receiving positive results from many trial procedures that were carried out with the help of breeders, kennel clubs, and veterinarians. Currently, it is sold in over 30 retail stores in Kathmandu and is being used by both the Royal Kennel Club and the Mount Everest Kennel Club as well.

Pratik Man Pradhan, a vet for the Mount Everest Kennel Club said the product improved the digestion of the kennel dogs and also improved their appetites. Also, Pradhan noted that the dog’s coats became thicker and shinier.

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In order to test the product, Pradhan used Pet Biosa on a select group of dogs in the Mount Everest Kennel Club. Improvements were noticed in less than a week. Dogs' immunity has improved and respiratory issues that were prevalent before using the product also lessened.

Him KC, of the Royal Kennel Club also tried the supplement out on his own dog before deciding to try it with the kennel club. Again, results were noticed within a few days. The Cocker Spaniel, which was the subject of the trial, became more active, had a better appetite, and the bald spots that were on her coat began filling in just days after beginning the supplement.

Currently the goal for the company is to expand to Bangladesh and tap into the extensive pet food market in India. Eventually they would love to see their product on shelves worldwide.

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