New Scooper Makes it Easier to Clean Up After Your Dog


Cleaning up after your dog is probably one of the most loathed responsibilities of dog ownership, but unfortunately it has to be done. This new Scorpion Pet Scooper makes it easier than ever to clean up after your pet and dispose of the waste.

One of the best features of this Scorpion Scooper is that you can use any kind of bag, not just the ones specially made for the scooper. Even plastic grocery bags will work. All dog owners have to do is put the bag through the extension and snap it on to the scooper.

As shown in the video, there is no scraping or shoveling involved in cleaning up the waste. You simply place the scooper over the waste and squeeze the handle and the lever pushes the waste cleanly into the bag. No more smearing feces or getting it all over the scooper.

The Scorpion scooper makes cleaning up after your dog easier and more sanitary than ever before.

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