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Noiseless Fireworks Could Help Your Dog’s Anxiety

Noiseless Fireworks Could Help Your Dog's Anxiety
Photo: Nigel Howe

Animals are getting a break in an Italian city which recently switched to noiseless fireworks. More cities are expected to do the same in the near future also. This could be a huge help for dogs around the world that suffer from anxiety brought about by loud noises.

Remember that feeling you get when you hear a loud bang and it sends adrenaline rushing through your body? That’s how dogs feel with fireworks and it gives most of them horrible anxiety. They run and hide under the bed or start shaking uncontrollably. They whimper and try to find a human to console them for all they know, they are under attack.

How can we make something fun like a holiday, less painful for man’s best friends?

Well, the Italian city of Collecchio is now making it illegal to have loud fireworks. They are purchasing fireworks from a company called Setti Fireworks which offers a silent variety. Most people don’t even know there is an option to buy noiseless fireworks because everyone is used to the loud bang.

Noiseless Fireworks Could Help Your Dog's Anxiety
Photo: Oséias Teruo Furushima Sallazar

The truth is, fireworks are traumatizing for dogs. They often run away from their homes, have a racing heartbeat and severe anxiety. Just as anxiety creates real physical symptoms in humans, it does for dogs as well.

Why should our pets suffer at our expense? Let’s start to spread the news about noiselesss fireworks and call our local government to request they mandate the switch. Just think what dog owners could accomplish if they banded together around the world! Perhaps one day all fireworks will be noiseless?

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Have you ever enjoyed fireworks from a distance? They are still magical. We don’t need the thunderous boom to experience this brief color and light display. There can still be incredible shapes, but we can be proud that we are also sticking up for the very sensitive ears of our dogs.

We don’t actually know how painful it is to them, because their hearing is so much more sensitive than ours. It could be causing them real pain. We know that high pitch noises and loud music are bad for dogs, so it seems extremely logical that screaming fireworks could actually be abusive to animals.

Should it be illegal to set off loud fireworks? Can we all start to encourage noiseless fireworks so our dogs can enjoy the holidays too? If fireworks are legal in your town, at least make sure yours are silent. Remember, dogs can’t stick up for themselves, we have to do the right thing for them.

Noiseless Fireworks Could Help Your Dog's Anxiety

Do we hold on unnecessarily to tradition? Would people be unwilling to part with this simple part of their childhood? Old habits die hard but change is possible. We can evolve, and remember, the only constant is change. If you’re a concerned citizen, animal lover or activist, speak up about this issue and make some change happen!

Many times inhumane issues like this are solved by citizens speaking up and demanding change. When we realize that more animals end up in the emergency room around the holidays, we can see that this is actually a very real and serious problem. More animals runaway and become lost on holidays like the 4th of July, New Year's Eve and Halloween too.

We can’t keep ignoring the fact that dogs are literally running out in the street because they think there was a dangerous explosion. Let’s make sure dogs don’t get hit by cars unnecessarily and be ‘pro’ on noiseless fireworks.

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