This Octagon Pet Pen Folds Flat and is Great for Traveling

Playpens for dogs may seem silly, but they are actually very beneficial. Not only do they keep your dog contained when you need her to be, but they also provide a den-like environment that your dog feels extremely comfortable in. Soft sided playpens, like this one from PetGear Inc., are also much more welcoming than a hard-sided dog crate.

As you can see in the video, this dog pen folds flat for easy storage. It is an ideal product if you travel with your pet regularly. It sets up and folds flat in just seconds with no tools required. It is very lightweight, but durable at the same time.

This octagon dog pen is equipped with mesh windows for ventilation, a removable mesh top, and a water resistant interior floor. It also has convenient pockets on the outside so you can store all your dog's essential items like a leash, food bowls, and even food or treats.

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