Organic Oscar Grooming Products Are Great for Sensitive Skin


Just like humans, the skin is the largest organ of a dog's body, and it's also one of the most common pathways for toxins to leech into their bodies. Traditional soaps, shampoos, and conditioners are full of toxic chemicals that can do a lot of damage to a canine's system. That's why Organic Oscar has created a line of organic grooming products for pets.

They have a full line of products ranging from shampoos and conditioners, to pet wipes and holistic remedies. They only use the finest organic ingredients, and even the unique packaging is completely recyclable.

Organic Oscar products are cruelty free, meaning that neither their ingredients nor their final products are tested on animals. Their products are all organic, all-natural, and biodegradable. They are also free of soap, parabens, sulfates, dyes, petroleum, and artificial fragrances as well.