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Paww is Trying to Reinvent the Dog Toy With the Help of Crowdfunding

Paww is Trying to Reinvent the Dog Toy With the Help of Crowdfunding
Photo: kickstarter.com

Most dog owners have a preference of which toys they prefer for their dogs. Depending on the dog’s needs, there are a variety of toys to choose from, but one company is reinventing the traditional dog toy and looking for crowdfunding through Kickstarter to finally launch their innovative new product line.

After hundreds of prototypes and years of development, Paww is almost at their funding goal and getting ready to take their company to the next level. Their new fetch balls are insanely durable, can dispense treats, and are even able to be thrown with a standard ball thrower. The company launched its project through Kickstarter on April 14th and they are already nearly 75% of the way to their goal.

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The line of toys includes three balls; the StickBall, the GoofBall, and the PortoBallo. Chris Miksovsky, founder of Paww, says that although there are thousands of dog toys on the market, he couldn’t seem to find one that had all the features that he believed a good dog toy should have. He thought every dog toy should be incredibly durable, able to be thrown in a traditional ball launcher, have an erratic bounce pattern, and dispense treats.

Miksovsky says that although all three of the company’s dog toys are very different, they all fit every aspect of his ideal dog toy. The GoofBall looks like a ball with ears sticking out of each side and these “ears” cause the ball to bounce erratically from side to side. They also give the dog or the owner something to hold onto.

Paww is Trying to Reinvent the Dog Toy With the Help of Crowdfunding
Photo: kickstarter.com

The PortoBallo looks like a mushroom, hence the name, and the stem causes it to bounce unpredictably. This dog toy is the longest and highest-bouncing toy in the line.

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The StickBall toy also lives up to its name. It looks like a ball with a stick stuck through it. The arms sticking out the side are great for tugging and they also keep the ball from bouncing too far; making this toy ideal for small yards or dog parks.

All three of the balls are made from a custom material that was developed with the help of one of the largest elastomeric compound manufacturers in the U.S. It is specially formulated to be extremely durable while still being gentle on a dog’s teeth and gums. The toys can float also, and they are all 100% recyclable.

Each toy has its own specially-designed treat dispensing method, from peanut butter to dry kibble and even jerky treats. The company reached 75% of their funding goal in a little less than a week, which makes Miksovsky and other company leaders very excited about the future of Paww.

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