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Pet Valu Doing $4 Million Overhaul to Jack’s Pets Locations

Pet Valu Doing $4 Million Overhaul to Jack's Pets Locations
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Recently the pet product chain Pet Valu bought out Jack’s Pets, a chain of pet stores located in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. The new owner plans to invest $4 million into renovating each of the 32 Jack’s Pets locations before they take on the Pet Valu name.

Pet Valu’s vice president of Midwest operations, Scott Brenner, says that the Canadian company will completely overhaul the stores, and once they reopen they will have a wider assortment of pet products, but the aquatics and live animals available will be scaled back.

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Pet Valu stores are currently only located in the north-eastern United States and all across Canada. Their family of stores includes Pet Valu, Bosley’s, and Paulmac’s Pet Food. Every store offers customers friendly pet experts that have been trained in pet nutrition and care through the University of California’s Davis Extension School.

The company prides itself on the education of its employees and their ability to help educate pet owners and to help them find the right products to meet their pets nutritional needs and find other solutions to help make their animals happier and healthier.

Pet Valu Doing $4 Million Overhaul to Jack's Pets Locations
Photo: petproductnews.com

The Pet Valu company is one of the largest retail operations in all of North America. They provide their customers with the supplies they need to care for dogs, cats, wild birds, companion birds, reptiles, fish, and small animals.

They stock over 7,000 products that include premium and holistic brands of pet food and treats. They also carry a wide selection of innovative and essential pet supplies which consists of some of the newest technologies and products on the market.

Many Pet Valu stores are locally owned and operated, and every location is dedicated to helping local pets in need. Each store partners with shelters, rescues, and local charities to host pet food bank programs, adoption events, and select stores even offer in-store adoption as well. The company also performs national donation drives and fundraising campaigns.

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Renovations to the Jack’s Pets stores will include new graphics, flooring, and fixtures. Only 5 stores currently have a self-service dog washing station, but after the renovation is complete all 32 stores will have one. The name change will not take place until interior renovations are completed.

Brenner is leading an expansion effort to grow the chain to 100 stores by expanding in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Toledo. This buy out is only the first step. The company is hoping to make larger strides toward their goal of 100 stores in the near future.

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