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Petmate Reveals Over 100 New Products at the 2015 Global Pet Expo

Petmate Reveals Over 100 New Products at the 2015 Global Pet Expo
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One of the world leaders in solutions and excellence in the pet industry known to many pet owners, Petmate, showcased over 100 new products at the Global Pet Expo this year. The unveiled products included pet bedding, kennels, chew toys, collars, and leashes.

The company strives to push the envelope by manufacturing innovative products that meet the needs of pets and their owners. Known for their inventive products, they really wanted to go above and beyond this year, and they certainly made that happen.

They debuted many new chew toys in their popular Chuckit! Line including the Ultra Dart Spin which is a toy with helical offset fins that make the toy spin and have an erratic flight pattern. They also revealed toys for aggressive chewers as well as chew toys that float. The companies portfolio of pet-friendly brands also includes JW, Aspen Pet, Jackson Galaxy, and Dogzilla.

They redesigned many of their kennels this year to be more stylish and trendy so they will fit in with the décor of any home. Similarly, fashion trends were a hot topic at the expo this year and Petmate delivered. They unveiled an exciting new line of glow in the dark collars and leashes that provide an elevated level of safety for pets that are out exploring at night.

Petmate Reveals Over 100 New Products at the 2015 Global Pet Expo
Photo: boltgroup.com

They are now offering the Walkabout Glow Leash which is an ergonomically designed retractable leash that can extend up to 16 feet. They also offer standard Petmate Glow in the Dark Leashes that offer full webbed backing and are not only comfortable but durable as well.

Their entire line of glow in the dark leashes and collars are made of rubber and also provide webbed backing and a comfortable fit. The lineup of glow in the dark pet products is easy to clean and water resistant.

The Global Pet Expo is the largest annual trade show in the pet industry and is put on by the Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA) and the American Pet Products Association (APPA) annually. Last years shows displayed almost 1,000 exhibitors and more than 3,000 new products. It takes place in Orlando, Florida.

Whether you’re looking for advancements in dog technology or everyday pet products, you’ll definitely find it at the Global Pet Expo. Petmate is just one of the many distributors that attend the event, but they certainly stole the show this year with their impressive advancements and enormous selection of new products.

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