This Pop & Go Vehicle Barrier Keeps Your Dog in the Back Seat

If your dog stays happily in the back seat when you're riding in the car, you are one of very few pet owners that has this luxury. Most of us struggle to keep our dogs in the back seat, and they end up hopping up front while we're driving. This is distracting to us as drivers and dangerous for the dog.

Petmate is helping dog owners deal with this issue with their Pop & Go Vehicle Barrier. Available in three sizes to fit almost any vehicle, these barriers pop up to full size instantly and are secured around the headrests of the front seats and to the lower seat mounts with easy-to-use clips.

The barriers safely block pets from the front seat and still allow the driver full visibility out the back window. They are equipped with a zippered peek-a-boo panel so you can still access your dog quickly if you need to, as well as convenient pockets for you to keep leashes, treats, and other supplies you may need.

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