This Portable Dog Bed is Great for Camping and Traveling

If you want your dog to be comfortable no matter where you go, the Kurgo Wander Bed is exactly what you need. This dog bed is made with high-quality materials, it is stylish, and it compacts quickly and easily. It is an ideal bed for owners who travel with their dog often.

The bed’s non-slip bottom is made with the company’s waterproof Rufftex material which keeps the bed dry if it is on the damp ground and also works nicely to keep it from sliding around in a vehicle. The plush fleece top is comfortable, and the Wander Bed rolls up just like a sleeping bag. It is also equipped with a convenient built-in handle to make it easy to carry.

These beds are machine washable and come in two sizes. The medium size beds are recommended for dogs under 40 pounds and the large size are great for dogs weighing over 40 pounds.

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