Most Profitable Pet Business Ventures to Start Today

Thinking of getting your paw-ssion to the next level?

Well, it's time to take a look at these profitable pet business ventures you can try today.

The truth is, it’s only in the last couple of years that pet ventures have grown tenfold.

People are cashing in on the love everyone has for their four-legged friends, but with so many options to choose from…

Which of these pet businesses actually work?

“In 2023, a total of $143.6 billion in sales [in the pet industry] is projected in the U.S.”

According to the American Pet Products Association‘s survey, there are at least 65.1 million dog owners in the US.

Most Profitable Pet Business Ventures to Start TodaySo, if you're seriously passionate about pets and want to make a living doing what you love…

There are several business ventures to get you into the game.

Starting a business that revolves around pets is unique in this way.

With all the options available, there is something for virtually every pet lover out there.

And when it comes to pet businesses, you'll have your pick of jobs that will not only incorporate your love of animals.

But also the skill set that you bring to the table.

Don't have a skill set? No worries!

If you think you may be interested in one of these ventures, you can take courses or try to get some hands-on job training before deciding which business is right for you.

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15 Most Profitable Pet Business Ventures to Start Today

Most Profitable Pet Business Ventures to Start Today

1. Most Popular Pet Business Ventures: Grooming Services

Pet grooming has come a long way since the early days of having to wash your 50-pound pup at home.

Now you can just drop him off and pick him up after running a few errands.

Plus, he’ll smell great and won’t drip water all over your home.

To become a pet groomer, you will need training.

You don’t need to shell out thousands though.

YouTube has plenty of excellent videos where you can learn the ropes.

All you will need are willing friends who will trust you to practice on their pooches.

If that doesn’t sound enticing, you can always enroll in a grooming school and get certified.

When you feel like you have enough experience you can start grooming out of your own house.

Of course, you'll need all the necessary equipment and a nice space.

And when you’ve built up a nice client base, you can always look into renting your shop.

Pet grooming will always be necessary, and therefore is a great pet business venture to think about.

So, if you're into prepping Fidos and keeping them clean, you can add this to your profitable pet business ventures list.

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2. Dog Walking

Yes, it might sound silly.

But, you can actually make some good money walking other people’s dogs.

Most dog owners simply don’t have the time to take their high-energy pups for a walk every day. That’s where you come in!

“How do I get started though?”

Put up fliers everywhere and advertise your business.

Even if you start walking one dog, word will get out and people will start contacting you.

Eventually, you’ll have an entire pack.

The best part is that these dogs will be excited to see you every day.

I can’t think of a better way to start any day!

For more information, see our article on How To Start A Dog Walking Business.

3. Pet Training

You may have the experience at home.

But to become a really good pet trainer, you’ll have to go for some training yourself.

Try shadowing a popular trainer in your area. See what they do and how they do it.

It’s not going to be easy to become a dog trainer, and neither will it be when you have difficult dogs.

However, it will definitely be a rewarding business venture at the end of the day.

You’ll help animals grow to their full potential, and make their owners proud by showing what they’re capable of learning.

Plus, you'll get to earn money while doing what you love.

Interestingly, a lot of pet trainers are now raking in some cash by selling training courses through online educational platforms like Udemy.

“Are these profitable pet business ventures worth the try?”

Well, this dog training course in Udemy sells for about $50 and it has over 3,000 reviews as of this writing.

Doing the math, this person actually is earning $150,000 — FOR JUST ONE FREAKING COURSE.

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Most Profitable Pet Business Ventures to Start Today

4. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is another excellent pet business venture.

People don’t always want to leave their beloved animals in kennels.

What better way than to have someone come and stay with their dog or cat in their own homes?

The pets don’t get stressed and neither do the owners — everyone is happy!

What you’ll need is some good references.

Tip: You can start by pet-sitting your family or friends’ pets and see how it goes.

Eventually, you’ll have built up a really good reputation and people will start contacting you.

The best part will be the return clients and getting to spend time with their pets again.

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5. Organic Dog Treats and Food Business

With all the dog allergies and skin conditions that some canines can get, it can be difficult finding good quality organic treats to give them.

This means there’s quite a good market for baking and selling your line of organic dog treats.

What you’ll need is some fool-proof, delicious recipes.

Plus, the internet has dozens of websites for this exact purpose.

You can find some great recipes right here on Top Dog Tips, too.

Start by baking a few and see what works and what doesn’t and sell them at your local groomers or farmer’s market.

If they eventually become really popular, you can start taking orders from customers.

One thing's for sure, pup guardians will always be looking for a healthy alternative for their dogs.

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6. Pet Photography

This definitely deserves a spot on our profitable pet business ventures list!

If you have photography skills and a way with pets, why not charge for it?

People love immortalizing their four-legged friends.

You'll just have to be extra patient on how to keep pets from getting too distracted and start snapping their pics.

You can even do family photo shoots with their human families, too.

7. Doggy Daycare Services

This business venture is becoming popular in recent years.

Not everyone is comfortable leaving their dog home alone all day.

This ups the fact that you might come home to a chewed-up sofa or tipped-over garbage can.

That’s where a doggy daycare comes in.

Puppies get to socialize and learn skills from other dogs.

Plus, senior dogs have someone who is constantly watching over them and giving them their meds as discussed with the owner.

What's more?

Doggy birthday parties, toys, friends — everything in one place.

What you’ll need to get started is a place to rent and enough space to house rowdy, playful dogs.

Look into your local listings and see what insurance, permits, or licenses are needed as well.

If done properly, your doggy daycare will become very popular, and you’ll be working with dogs all day every day.

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Most Profitable Pet Business Ventures to Start Today

8. Pet Restaurants

As the pet industry grows, a few smart restaurant owners are really cashing in.

However, not everyone has gotten on the bandwagon yet.

And maybe in your area, there isn’t a restaurant that allows pets, too.

While this business venture might be a bit more difficult to plan, but will be very rewarding when pulled off right.

Imagine: All your customers sitting outside in the summer having a cold drink, while their pets are playing with each other and eating something from your kitchen.

Wouldn't that be nice?

9. Mobile Clinic

Not everyone can get to the vet with their crazy schedules.

That said, a mobile clinic is the perfect solution, especially for older people who maybe can’t drive anymore.

You don’t even need to be a vet, although it’s a bonus if you are.

What you can do is setup up the mobile clinic and have vets hire it for a fee. That way both parties win.

10. Poop Scooping

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Ew!

But, there’s actually really good business in scooping other people’s dog poop.

It all comes back to people not having the time to clean their yards.

It gets 10 times worse if they own a Great Dane or even a St Bernard!

Can you imagine the amount of poop these dogs leave behind in a day, never mind two?

What about the owners of multiple dogs?

Advertise yourself as the poop scoop expert, and all you’ll need is something to pick the poo up with.

You clean the yards and take the excrement to be dumped.

It’s something you can do weekly, or even three times a week for those with bigger dog breeds or multiple pets.

It might be a smelly business venture, but the money will smell even better.

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11. Pet Radio Show Hosting

If you’re very knowledgeable about all things pets, you can start your pet radio show.

And with the internet era today, it’s easy to reach a worldwide audience!

For example, check out what we did with the Theory of Pets Podcast.

Tip: You’ll need a talkative, bubbly personality, with a love for all things pets.

It might not be the easiest pet business venture to begin, but imagine when you get your first email from a fan.

You get to talk about animals and actually make a difference in the lives of pet owners all over.

Most Profitable Pet Business Ventures to Start Today

12. Tag Engraving Business

Sometimes it can be hard finding someone who can engrave your pet’s tag.

If you’re in an area where people have to send their tags away to get engraved, you have a hole in the market that you can fill.

All you need is an engraver and eventually, you can even sell tags.

People love that their pets can have something personalized around their necks.

Owners will also know that if their dog goes missing their number is right on the back.

13. Most Popular Pet Business Ventures: Dropshipping

A lot of the time people will see something interesting online but don’t have the resources to order or time to order it.

This is where you can come in.

You can scour the internet and find the most interesting and unique pet products and find out if there’s a market for them (there usually is).

As soon as you have an interest in certain products, you can start importing and charge the products at a markup price.

I know I’ve seen amazing products that I can’t get hold of in my country.

So, why not see if you can do a better job and actually make a business of it?

14. Most Popular Pet Business Ventures: Dog Clothing Line

Have you ever seen a fashionable dog and thought that you might be able to make clothing like that yourself?

If you’re good at sewing and enjoy creating new and fun things, perhaps you should try your hand at making your line of doggy clothes.

People love dressing their pups in new threads.

If you can bring something new to the sewing machine, you definitely have a prospective business venture!

15. Most Popular Pet Business Ventures: Selling Pet Accessories Online

This business venture has endless potential.

You can make the accessories yourself or order them from other retailers and sell that at a markup.

Then you'll just need to create your website and ship the accessories to buyers.

You could even source local talent and give them a platform for the things they make for pets.

All you need to get started with this pet-friendly business venture is an online shop and a secure internet connection.

Profitable Pet Business Ventures: Before You Go…

Isn't it exciting to start a business with your beloved Fido by your side?

Well, we pretty much covered the most profitable pet business ventures today.

And you're also backed by whopping numbers from actual surveys, should you decide which concept to pursue.

So, if you enjoyed today's blog, you might find these recommendations helpful, too!


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