The PupSaver Wraps Around Your Dog Like a Catchers Mitt During a Car Accident

Some pet owners still think canine car seats are a silly product, but in the event of an accident they could save your dog’s life. There are many different options to choose from, but just like car seats for human children, you should be sure to select a seat that is proven to be safe for your pet. Make sure that the doggy car seat you choose has been safety tested and check the size and weight recommendations as well. If your dog is too big for a seat it may not protect him properly in the event of an accident.

This dog car safety seat, known as the PupSaver, was created to protect small breeds while riding in the car. It can be used in the front or the back seat. However, if you have front seat airbags you should turn them off if you’re going to have your dog ride up front. If your vehicle doesn’t have the option to turn the passenger airbag on and off, your pet is better off sitting in the back seat.

The PupSaver canine car seat attaches to the seat belt system in any vehicle using a 5 point attachment system. This system secures the seat in place and locks it into the optimal position for impact during a crash or quick stop. It’s similar to a rear-facing car seat for children. Your dog sits in the seat and you can attach him to it via the short leash that is included with the PupSaver. This safety seat has undergone a series of crash tests and it has successfully contained dogs up to 25 pounds.

In the event of an accident, the PupSaver acts like a giant catcher’s mitt. It uses the forward momentum and your pet’s weight to “catch” and hold your beloved dog safely during the moment of impact or against the force of a quick stop. The soft material will absorb the impact and offer protection unlike any dog crate, harness or pet barrier would. If you’re looking for a way to keep your dog safe and contained in the car, a car seat like this one is your best option.

The only downside to car seats is that they are best suited for small breeds. Some companies do make seats for medium and large breeds, but they don’t protect as well as the seats for small breeds. The larger the dog the more of him there is to protect and it’s hard to do that with a car seat. That’s why adults don’t sit in car seats. If only we could teach large breeds to sit still in the car and wear a seat belt.

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