Put An End to Pulling with The Canny Collar

Dealing with a dog pulling on the lead every time you take him for a walk is frustrating and exhausting. It's hard on the dog walker's back, shoulders, and arms to be constantly fighting a pulling dog. Specially designed training collars, like this Canny Collar, help pet parents easily train their dog to stop this nuisance behavior.

If you don't opt for no pull dog harnesses, then this collar is a comfortable, safe and effective solution to pulling. The Canny Collar's revolutionary behind-the-head design makes it simple to fit and easy to use. Because the collar clips to your dog's leash behind his head rather than under his chin, it will not ride up and bother his eyes nor pull his head to one side or the other.

This collar is made with generous padding for optimum comfort, and the single piece of material that goes over your dog's nose allows him to open his mouth and breathe freely. The company's website states that this collar is used and recommended by organisations including the RSPCA and The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

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