India Amarteifio as Queen Charlotte in Queen Charlotte A Bridgerton Story
India Amarteifio as Queen Charlotte in 'Queen Charlotte A Bridgerton Story' (Liam Daniel | Netflix)

On May 4, 2023, Netflix released Bridgerton’s much-anticipated spin-off series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, which features some real-life glimpses of the monarch’s obsession with Pomeranians

Although a scene from episode 2 shows the Queen’s frustration over King George’s present — a caramel-colored Pomeranian — describing it as “a deformed bunny,” Her Majesty actually adored this small dog breed more than anything in real life.

When Queen Charlotte traveled to England to marry the King, she brought along her two Pomeranians — Phoebe and Mercury.

Queen Charlotte also gifted visiting royal families and peers with Poms, which contributed to its popularity across the globe.

Not much is documented with regard to Phoebe and Mercury.

But among the Queen’s Pomeranian pack, the majority were white-colored, except for the black-and-white Pom Fino, which King George IV grew up with.

When Queen Charlotte and King George moved into Buckingham House (known today as Buckingham Palace), the royal home was bejeweled with ornaments and fixtures for Her Majesty’s Poms, such as a square deal bathtub and some dog paintings.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story
Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (Liam Daniel | Netflix)

Queen Charlotte's devotion to her Pomeranians started a legacy for the next generation of heirs.

Her granddaughter, Queen Victoria, also became a Pomeranian aficionado and popularized the breed.

She exhibits them in dog shows as well. However, some of her Poms contracted a disease and died.

Housed over 30 Poms in her kennel, Queen Victoria liked to travel with her dogs, too.

With royal treatment, Her Majesty's Pomeranians had special train compartments and their very own security personnel.

Also featured in the book British Dog – Its History from Earliest Times written by Carson I. A. Ritchie, after Queen Victoria was crowned, she immediately:

“…rushed home from the Abbey, removed her stately robes and bathed her Pomeranians.”

And in 1901, on Her Majesty’s deathbed, it was believed that she asked for her favorite Pomeranian — Turi — to be at her side.


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